Friday, November 2, 2007

I have visitors!

Yeah!!!! My first visitors! Thank you Michelle and Kendra!!!!
Yesterday, Michelle and her girls, Savannah and Gigi, visited us in person as well. The girls played and we talked and RĂ©mi game-boyed. It was very nice!
Chrisophe got back home last night and we hit the hay early as Alex and I started hacking and snotting around (sorry). And today we're just enjoying my last day off before I pull my weekend (7 am to 7 :30 pm Saturday, Sunday and Monday - don't look for any posts!) Christophe's brother, David, is here for lunch, as well as Emma, Alex' little friend from school. They are on All Saints' Day break (Oct 26 to Nov 7) which is why I took the week off.
Wow, pretty boring post today, huh?! Just letting all of you adoring fans out there know what we're up to. Love to hear back in my comments or on your blog (Kendra, can you send me yours?)



congratulations! see, the picture thing is fun! thanks for everything, especially for listening! hope your weekend at work goes well! looking forward to next friday! take care! love, m

Kendra said...

It's great to hear about the your daily life. I just wish you were here. Jim and I have a myspace page. Let me know if you can go there to see pictures or if I should e-mail them.
I miss you!