Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Up and running?

Ok...a few glitches. Such as it took me all this time to figure out how to get back on the site, I still have no pretty pictures or links (Christophe wanted to show me how the other day before he left for the mountains but I was too intimidated to even try to learn how), and even worse, I can't figure out how to send the stupid blog address to anyone. I wanted to send it to Di in a simple e-mail because I can't do the mass mailing thing but I think her address Diknits has changed... I'm getting there. At least I managed to get back on the site to do another post! And yes, I do realise that I am the world's biggest computer idiot. I have a very good reason for that! I'll explain it at some later point in time. Does anyone remember Mr. Cotton? Just a hint. And one more hint...Dad's 25 year old dinosaur computers. Sorry, Dad. Well, our burgers are burning so more later! Love to all who manage to read this one day (in the year 2050? - that would be pretty cool - my chers lecteurs will probably be my grandchildren! If blogs are not obsolete by then as we will probably have beam me up Scotty style transport by then...) So, live long and prosper!



bravo my cutie WIP! I for one am very proud of you as I know blogs are not the simplest things to manage, and yet they are so much fun! i'll add yours mine! love to you and the kiddos on Halloween, another American thing these French people just don't get! Had trick or treaters at my door at 10am this morning and the little boogers weren't even in costumes! ug! oh well, see you tomorrow! bravo, encore! bisous! Michele

Kendra said...

Who knew it would be so hard to post a comment. Twice I typed my comment, but apparently I didn't have goggle account. I am a computer idiot too! What a small world though. Last weekend, Jim and I tried our hand at myspace. We're up and running too. It helps to have a teenager do it for you. We still don't have pictures up yet either, but I have a cute Halloween background. By the way, I need someone to explain exactly what a "blog" is? What am I supposed to be typing? I have pretty much rambled so far. Maybe now we can stay in touch better. I miss you!!! Kendra

Kendra said...

Ummmm. Did you know everything is in French on here?? Do you remember how bad I did in French???