Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday

one stalled out as i'm worried about the colors together

and one just starting out and making me feel like i am an awesome sauce knitting hero

what's on your needles, under your sewing needle, on your hook, etc... ?


Tini said...

Hard to tell, I think the picture might be a little overexposed (envy here, that you have that much sunlight, although we do have nice spring weather here in Germany) You might want to change the white filter on your camera to bright sunlight and use a lower ISO (can you tell that I took a 2 day class in "camera basics"?) I love the hem, you are knitting!
I'm working on a vintage pattern on 2,5 mm needles and I'm sewing a "day to night drape shirt" by Maria Denmark

kaystir said...

I am knitting all the things! I have start three new projects to be my travel knitting, it is getting insane! But it centers me to knit so I will start as many as I need too!
I started a Saroyan today, and a Gail (Nightsongs) and a pair of socks and I was already working on a laceweight sweater, because I am crazy.

Rebecca said...

oooh tini i'm going to have to check out your projects!
and yes, my pics are always overexposed or just plain crappy and talking about iso is like talking chinese. my dh got me a new camera and uh...i hav no idea what all those stupid settings are for. i just pointa nd click.

Rebecca said...

saroyan sounds like great travel knitting as do socks of course. not familiar with gail, going to go check it out. i love tracel knitting ;D. happy travelling!