Friday, September 13, 2013

FO Friday

So along with my WIP Wednesdays where i'm trying to get some things off my plate, it's only normal that i eventually have FO's (finished objects) right?
I have a gazillion babies coming up .
I finished 3 sweaters so far.

The first of the sweaters i finished was actually intended to be for annabelle's baby (see below) but i thought the purple one was better for her. It's the manda ruth pattern by Jane Richmond.  It's a super cute pattern but it was a PITA!!!!! i will not knit another one even though it is adorable.  seed stitch seed stitch seed stitch!  and when you think you're about done...nope! got the hood and it's about as much knitting as the whole sweater it seems lol.

i tried to go unisex and neutral on this one but i'm not really sure if this one could pass as a boy's sweater or not.  i know i would dress a baby boy in it, but i know many moms are more traditional.  what do you think?

This cute little purple one is already winging its way to a little girlie here in France.  Her momma, annabelle,  is a very sweet woman i met in my tricothé group. She's one of those just absolutely sweet, good people.  I like her a lot and am happy she was blessed with a little baby girl. With all the babies, i'm not sure which to give to which but this little sweater is so sweet and precious i just felt i thad to go to her.
I hope maman papa et bébé all like it :).  The pattern was the Small things  sweater by Carina Spencer.  She designed the super cute Lucy hat i knit last winter.  I wanted to make another (reverse the colors out to use up the skeins) but i cannot find my pattern anywhere!  And look at this cute sweater she designed. Anyhow, the baby sweater pattern (as well as the lucy hat) was easy and fast to knit up and the pattern was well written.

Now i love this gold one too! it's the owlet by kate davies.  I have been wanting to knit the paper dolls sweater by her forever! i have the yarn and pattern ready and waiting but...too many things to knit, too little time. And i've also wanted to knit the original adult version of the owl sweater for  a while but know that yoked sweaters and cables on top of that will make me look like a linebacker. Which, if i'm honest, is why paper dolls isnt cast on yet either. i bought the pattern after coming back to it time and again, knowing that i wouldnt look best in a yoke but unable to resist lol.
OK back to the baby sweater!
The owlet was quick and easy and the best part (the little owls) is knit at the end so you build up to the fun :D  But the pattern is not error free (if you follow directions as is the back neck shaping takes place on the shoulder) and the overall directions are a little scanty but if you have a little experience knitting sweaters, you can figure it out.  One commenter on the pattern page said she contacted the designer about the error but the designer never got back in touch nor corrected it.

I'm going to make another owlet  in tosh sport lapis, left over from my bijou sweater.
I just feel like all my sweaters end up looking too girlish for societal standards.  again, i'd be fine with it, but i'm not sure other moms would be.  i thought the gold one could be for a boy but i'm afraid to gift it to a boy's mom without checking first and then that kind of spoils the surprise.  at least with a bright blue i can definitely gift it to a boy!

A final note on all of these sweaters. My sizing is totally aleatoire. no idea what size they ended up :").

Did you dress (or would you dress) your children in only traditional colors (i should say end 20th century traditional, you know blue for boys, pink for girls) and styles?


Anna said...

They are all adorable, but I totally agree with you about seed stitch! Looks great, total pita. Love the owls sweater too, I've been waiting for an opportunity to make that.

Rebecca said...

anna, the owlet is soooo quick. great project fo rin between bigger ones to kind of "cleanse your palate ;) ". so glad to have you here :D thank you for commenting :)

Tiddy and Charlie. said...

I would definitely put the sweater on either a boy or girl :o) I always stuck with tradtional colours, but that was eons ago! Now I would dress my babies up in pretty , bright colours. Imagine a little baby girl in a bright red christmas cardigan. Beautiful! c x

Faye Lewis said...

You do incredible work!