Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

oooh yikes!  someone is trying to tell me something. i have been in a horrible state since last week. soooo upset with my kids and my life in general, which to be honest is not bad but in my self-pitying viscious cycle state of mind had me contemplating running away from home.  so trying to find "10 Times You Felt Grateful Last Week", is a pretty important exercise for me right now.  not sure i can make it.
if i count today (i'm writing this post on monday evening) monday 10 as well then maybe i can because i remember 6 times today along shooting up a quick arrow praise/prayer.
  1. my sweet doggies came and hugged on me several times on monday, real sweet head laying on the shoulder kinds of hugs/cuddles.  they made me so happy , made me feel so grateful to have them in my life.Sans titreSans titre-here they're bein' too razy to get a pic lol
  2. the sun - thank God the sun came out today. i went for a swim yesterday at an indoor pool and i could see the other swimmers coming in through the glass barrier and the sky was gray behind them and they were dressed in coats and i just thought, good Lord, it looks like november instead of june!  and then this morning, the weather lifted and sweet glorious sun streamed down on me as i put the chairs out to clean the floors.  Pure bliss.  Pure gratitude.Sans titrethe sky looks gray in this pic but trust me, it's not lol
  3. I cleaned the house today, a good clean like it's been needing.  I kept comig into the living room/ dining room and just going "ahhhh!" all day!  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" i really need a clean place to feel good inside.  I felt so grateful as i looked around.Sans titreSans titre btw on the back of the couch, that's a beautiful bed spread my grandmother crocheted - i only put it out about a week ago.  i didnt want to mess it up as it's so special, but really, just sitting in the cabinets, is that any tribute to my grandmother's lovingly created handywork?  i got this from my mom but i wish i knew who my grandmother had originally intended it for - do you  know mom?
  4. My Dh vacuumed for me as he came in right when i was getting ready to do that.  that way i was able to follow him with the mop.  i was very grateful to have the help; it saved me about 30 minutes :D
  5. My sister and i got to skype.  i miss my sister soooo much and i was so glad to get to talk to her.  we got to chat about what she's sewing on, about her exercising, about my kids coming to visit her, about our kids career dreams/  just stuff...
  6. ok, going back to saturday june 1, which makes that over a week, but it was something that i really really really felt grateful about so i'm going to include.  my bff kendra married a wonderful man and i am so flippin' happy for them!!!!!! 
  7. I got to "attend" Kendra's wedding through skype and that really meant a lot to me.
  8. i got to go swimming with kids yesterday . they played in the kiddie area while i swam laps - havent done that in forever! it felt so good to have the water stream past me as i glided through.  I went and got my son so he could "race" me.  I say "race" because i'm like a snail and he is liek a dolphin.  he was happy to comply/show off  ;).
  9.  i found a can of dr pepper at the store in the english foods sectionand i'm sitting back enjoying it while knitting on a project that i'm enjoying which is quite lovely in itself because i've been in the knitting duldrums latelySans titre
  10. this may seem like a cop out, but seriously, considering the week i had and how many tears ive shed and angry words to family and to myself and to God, i am so grateful to be able to have found 10 things to be grateful for and grateful to carole for suggesting this idea!


Isabelle said...

I'm so happy we got to meet and chat for a good while today. You look utterly stunning with your red hair!

Your garden is gorgeous and so is your house! I'm totally with you - it's so nice to have a tidy place and everything feels better this way.

Thank you so much for coming over today! Hugs!

Kim said...

I really love your dining room table. It's beautiful!

Donna said...

I'm right there with you - I have not had an attitude of gratitude lately and this was a real reminder. Great list!!

Rebecca said...

isabelle i was super glad to see you and also pauline yesterday too! thank youfor taking time to spend with me - i know how busy youare and it really meant alot. was nice to catch up! hugs!

Rebecca said...

kim, thank you, i loved that table when we got it, but i must admit, it's not a very practical table lol. crumbs get stuck in the crack between the glass and iron and the glass is so heavy we only clean it about once a year :") thankfully we dont eat there often, only with company. thank you though

Rebecca said...

donna, i read your list and really enjoyed all you had to say. thanks for taking the time to comment heree :)

Borderline Savage said...

Min pins!!! My SIL used to to min pin rescue (and she kept a few, lol) but she stopped, and she and my brother just moved to a new state, so I haven't seen any of those little pups in a while.

And I'm glad you have sun, as well as being so jealous of all the blooms in your garden. We are having the rain but it's been a bit cold so things seem to be coming along slowly, very slowly.

Rebecca said...

borderline savage, yeah, i am very glad for the sun! but it's swing the other way - HOT all of asudden! we'vez had much more rain thanusual for our area lately but the cold kept the growth at bay. over the past coupleof days of sun, all of a sudden everything is growing like crazy and catching up and thanks to alal that water looking gorgeous. min pins are the best :D i'm so glad we decided onthis breed when my dh got me one for my birthday 4 years ago :D he was about to get a jack russell and thank goodness i caught on to his surprise before he went down that route (we both work and a JR alone at home would probably not have been a good thing wherreas the minpins are fine as long as they get osme walking in)

ChelleC said...

Rebecca I jsut love reading your blog. You are so likeable, approachable, and real. Even on your bad days, you find a way to appreciate the wonderful things in your life. And aren't cute, sweet and loving doggies just hte best?

I love the idea of putting your Grandma's throw out to use and enjoy. She would love that, you can be sure, regardless of who she made it for.

Hugs on things challenging you, and you are at that stage in life where it's only normal to feel like running away sometimes, but you hang in there and do a great job. Love your red hair, too.

Rebecca said...

thank you chelle, that's why i like reading yours as well, along with your wisdom. my throw is still proudly displayed and i try not to get annoyed when i see a kid or dh messing with it or rolling around on the back of the couch (are they still supposed to do those kinds of things at near 15 and near 13?) thank you for your encouragement. i'm liking my hair this color for now too - it's fun and vibrant.