Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - goofin' around

Ahhh! Sun! Finally!  Well, i say that as i look out the window at gray skies and drizzles. Oh well, the COLD has finally left and even if today is dreary, the temps are decent and i know tomorrow will be nice.  So, Carol asks us today to talk about our Ten Favorite Backyard Games
I used to LOVE playing outside games and with the number of siblings i had, it was always easy to do so :D  And school playground time was awesome too - our teachers often led us in game.
A little harder to bequeath this tradition on to my kids :/ as there are only 4 of us and they prefer being inside  and the neighborhood kids kind of looked at me wierd when you try to explain.  As far as school games are concerned, people will sue if a kid gets a scrape nowadays so i guess it's too much of a liability.
Oh well, that didnt stop me and remi and alex and christophe and even the dogs from having a ball (literally and figuratively ;) ) two nights ago.
Anyway, enough blablabla, here's my list:

  1. Red rover.  MY FAVORITE GAME EVER!  i used to rock that game :D I was TINY as a kid.  Shortest in class always, skinny as a rail.  Noone ever worried about me "comin'over" but i pack a little more power in my punch than you'd think and i was good at psychin' out the other team (letting them think i was going right and then going left at the last minute ;) ) and i always kept death grips on the poor teammates hands next to me roflol!  i'm smilinig just thinking about how awesome it was to play red rover :D.  this really was only played at school.  i mean youhave to have a LOT of people for thsi to be fun. 
  2. Duck duck goose.  another school game. i sucked big time on this one but it was fun anyhow :D  the kids and dh and i played this a few times but the circle is so small it's kind of sillyand i laugh like a hyenna the whole time so have to be the chaser the whole game ;P
  3. redlightgreenlight.  again, not the queen of RLGL but still fun :D. we played thisoften when the kids were little.  i tried my hardest to get them to use red light green light but un.deux.trois soleil won out.  which is silly because no matter how fast or slow you say it, youalways have the "sol" warnign you that the person is about to swirl aroun with the "eil" syllable and can stop in your tracks more easily than with RLGL.
  4. Simon says.  well, i didnt really like this game but i did play it a lot.  must have been one of the siblings faves?  my kids dont seem to like it much either.
  5. Hide and go seek :D  need i say more!?  We played that with our kids some.
  6. Geronimo.  Guess this isnt technically a backyard "game" but we had so much fun rolling down the hill yeling geronimo.  No grassy hills to roll down here.
  7. Catching lightning bugs - again not really a game but what summer is complete without it.  except here in south of france there are no "lucioles" so ive never gotten to let my kids experience that.  i think i did try once in usa in the summer but i dont remember if i did or not.  if i did try to get them to do so, they must not have been very enchanted by it or i would have remembered lol
  8. kickball . oh yeah! my siblings never wanted to play that though. 
  9. Follow the leader.  another one i didnt particularly love but that one of my sisters must have (think it was allison) because i remember plating it.  i hated being leader because i can never think of what to do.  tried this with kids and ... couldnt think of what to do lol.
  10. my new fave = soccer (or football as its called here).  we played that on sunday evening.  DH and I neither one wanted to run much so we were the goalies.  Remi was on my team and Alex on DH's to even up the odds.  Rémi and i won :D.  i dont know how because i'm about the worst goalie ever.  Alex had us lol as she couldnt get the hang of not using her hands and esp as she is so darn agressive!  her chest was heathing with agression and the desire to kick our butts lol!  And to top the fun off my dog easy is  a darn good player!  she has no favorites.  she helps get the ball toward whichever goal it'sheading towards.  she loves to go out of bounds though if we dont get to the ball beforehand.  She will nose it out and then look so darn proud as she turns and struts back, head high and whole hind quarters wagging. High-larious!
  11. have to add in DH's and Rémi's favorite - wrestling.  i love watching how this is evolving.  Rémi isnt quite so easy to get down now.  i had to stop playing with him about 2 years ago because he would hurt me. but now we can play every once in a while again as hehas figured out how to be gentle yet still win.  i think in about 3 years dh might just find he's got someone to wreckon with.  I remember about 17 years ago after harvest, three of Christophe's ffriends tried to throw him in the grapes - three big men couldnt put him in there!  i was amazed!  Remi has good genes ;)  but he's also up against his genator - who will win .... ;)
  12. oh and one more - tug of war! we played that sudnay too, with me and remi and dh and alex again.  And for the first time ever, with mine and remi's combined forces, we managed to BRING THEM DOWN :D YES!!! roflol


Beverly said...

I loved Hide & Seek as a kid! So many fun games on your list!

dianne said...

I loved Red Rover Red Rover too :-) That was a fun list!

Rebecca said...

beverly, hide and seek was such fun especially with the everchanging rules lol! i called home! ollyollyowenfree. noone ever seemed to play with the same rules lol. i cant play anymore now because i giggle at how clever i am and how noone will EVER find me and then...my giggling gives me away. every single time!

Rebecca said...

dianne it wasa fun list to make up andthink back on! did you link to carole's - didnt see you or beverly over there.

Margie said...

OMG I loved Red Rover! I totally forgot about that game! I wonder if they still play that now?!

Rebecca said...

margie, i think we all need to get together and show them how it's done if not ;D

Teri said...

Tug of war is great --especially when there is a big pool of water in the middle that the losing team gets dragged into/thru...

Rebecca said...

lol teri. i think i dont like that idea since i usually am on the losing side ;)

Angela said...

Rollin' down a hill was my all time favorite as a kid. Total bliss !!!

Rebecca said...

i know :D i tried it as an adult...not as much fun as i remembered roflol