Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ten (uh, i mean eleven) on Tuesday

It's tuesday again.  Time for another ten on tuesday. Ten
Carole asks us why we knit this time
Will i make it to ten on this?
  1. I love how all the different yarns feel, behave, knit up.  so much fun experimenting with different fibers and blends IMGA0871
  2.  I love the colors. what beautiful colors :D  playing with them, arrranging them in my decorative baskets  (yes, yarn is about as far as my home decorating capacities go :") ), finding the perfect color combo for a two colored shawl or a striped sweater, dreaming up colors for the gorgeous colorwork patterns i never manage to get the courage to work on;101_3060
  3. the camaraderie and encouragement of the knitting community, esp my ravelry monthly adventure friendsSans titre
  4. all the beautiful patterns i stalk and envision and plan for even though 99% of them never come to fruition :")
  5. well, now that i have ALL THAT STASH SABLE!!! i've got to do SOMETHING with it 8^O
  6. being able to gift loved ones with something that came from the heart and the handsAlex' Cutie Cardi(lookat how sweet and cute my little girl was back then ;D - she still is ;) )june 17 2012 015shawl made for a woman who helped me through a very difficult time and is very near and dear to my heart but with whom i havent spoken in forever and to whom i still have not gifted this shawl...i'm using whom a lot and i never use that word lolmy nanny
  7. wearing something that i know i made with my own hands :D100_1621le sigh...R.I.P. poor sweater :/
  8. wearing something that i know is in luxurious fiber - my own little secret :DSans titresoftest merinoSans titregloves = 100% cashmere gifted by a lovely MA friend (lisa) and whom i think of everytime i wear them and sweater = merino cashmer and silk - hello!  lovely?  uh, yes!!!!
  9. starting a project - such an exciting part of the process :Dmay 26 2012 005
  10. finishing something - almost as exciting.SN850066OMG i look was so young in that pic!
  11. sorry, i have to include one more (and here i thought i wouldnt get to 10 lol!).  Always having somethig in my hands, makes me feel like i'm not wasting my time, like i have something to show for that tv time or waiting room time or or or.  though i too often feel like my knitting is also a waste of time that i should feel guilty for which is kind of split personality like of me...
So this post has me asking myself that dicotomous and inevitable knitting question.  am i a process or project knitter?
i never really had an answer to it.
and looking over my list of why i like to knit, i still cant figure it out.
i think the planing and imiginative part of the process really stands out in my mind (process), as does the wearing of the finished object (project).

What about you?  are you a project or a process knitter?


Leslie said...

Definitely a process knitter!
Casting on a new project has to be the most fun of all.

Teri said...

I've come to the conclusion that I am a hybrid - both a process and a product knitter. And I'm okay with it. I was born that way.