Wednesday, May 8, 2013


So I've been toying around with this sewing thing for a while now, going into it knowing i will have to make a good number of mods for my short busty self and feeling very unconfident.
I researched resource books on amazon, reading reviews, and made wishlists accordingly.  I've looked around at tools that i put on wishlists as well.  I made a  mental queue of craftsy courses waiting for sales. Pant Construction Techniques by Sandra Betzina I added pattern books and individual patterns onto a "note" on my phone for future acquisition.  I went to the fabric store often dreaming up things i could make with the fabrics  Sans titre Sans titre Sans titreand i even started a little stash of material every time they had end of season sales.
But every attempt i've made at sewing has been more or less a failure.
I feel inadequate.
I recently decided if i want to sew successfully, ive got to put all the chances on my side.  So ... i invested. 
First, i bought gertie's book that i had been wanting ever since she announced its upcoming debut on her blog.
Then i bought 3 craftsy classes as they were having a mega sale.

While watching one of the classes, i was able to observe the teacher tracing,cutting, and marking her pattern.  I have trouble with these  elementary aspects of sewing.  I already had a tracey wheelie thing and carbon paper..  the carbon paper didnt want to work (i am so embarrassed to say i wasnt using it correctly - dont ask :") ) and the wheely was wobbly and wouldnt go straight.Sew the Perfect Fit by Lynda Maynard
Well watching her i figured out how to use the tracey wheelie with a ruler so it would go straight (duh! lol) and how to use the carbon paper roflol!!
Major breakthrough. 
though i still needed st to trace things a little better for my tastes.
I started reading Gertie's book instead of just looking at the pictures (which ive done about 100 times) and man! is it ever packed with super info!  i'll do a book review of it on here one day.
she mentioned a pressing ham as a neccessity as had Diana Rupp in her Sew everything workshop book.  that's been in my wishlist ever since i read the sew everything book.
and she mentioned using colored pencils and such for altering patterns.
She had a list of neccessities and a list of extras to buy little by little.
So i ...invested some more :")
i bought some patterns  on sale from sew direct in england and they had a ham and a chalk tracing set as suggestions on the main page.  i bought all things :")
i must say i am super happy with my ham.
Sans titre
over the moon happy with my chalk set.
Sans titre
having the right tools is so important and really is making a difference in the joy of my pattern prep stage :D
ive got a ton of patterns now, gertie's book which is full of patterns as well as being a ressource book, and a humungo ginormous sewing reference book i bought a long time ago but never read because it is ...well like a webster's dictionary.
i have started reading this book after all as well as finishing gertie's book.
I have more knowledge, more useful tools.  I'm getting there!!!
but there's still a little piece missing.
the palmer pletsch fitting method is somethign ive heard raved about and the book is highly recommended. it's been on my wish list at amazon for a while.

but i kept putting it off for buying more flashy things (gertie's book, the ham lol, fabric, a wrist band pin cushion so i can look like i know what im doing ;) ...)
several people have suggested...go get it. go get it. go get it.
well, i got it!  um....only i'm either farther along that alzheimer's road than i thought, or.... or... or...
did you send me this?  it says ordered by rebecca on it and delivered to rebecca.  so you can understand my bewilderment lol.
but i'm highly suspecting you.  THANK YOU TINI  
 my goodness i really dont know what to say other than thank you and you're awesome and thoughtful and sweet and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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