Monday, May 27, 2013


I love that word.  everytime i hear it / see it / use it i think of moooojo jojo!

I LOVED the power puff girls.  i tried so flippin' hard to get alex to like them so i could watch them sans explanations and justifications ;)
Rémi would watch it every once in a while (yes! victory!!!)

ok, anyhow, you're not here to hear about mojojojo are you?
no it's my crafting mojo we're talking about here.
it's gone. split. run away.

i look around at my pretty yarn and dont get even the smallest niggling to CO something.  I look at the patern sin my queue on rav and ... nyah.  not interested.
i forced myself to finish this just because it's a gift for a sweet baby :D due in august :D
Sans titre

And sewing?  totally utterly discouraged.
ran out of steam on that damn dress.  i managed to get the seam done after marie-pascale pinned up the bootom for me and she also pinned up the bust and i think that's helped the funky fit a lot!  all the girls at the documentary-shoot said it's totally wearable in public but after joking with di and henry about it (and i didnt take it badly if you're reading this di, i thought it was hilarious) i dont know if i'll feel comfortable wearing it out in front of people.
all that's left is the collar and shoulder seams but i just dont know what to do with them so it just sits there looking at me....

i cut out the portrait blouse back out of the same crazy fabric to amke a wearble-ish muslin.

but when i think of the FBA i need to do to the front, i just stall out.


what do you guys do when you get in a crafty funk?  any of you utterly discouraged lately?  what have you finished recently or what are you working on?


Tini said...

go, make that FBA. NOW :)

Rebecca said...

yes ma'am ;D
going to do that this evening i hope hope hope.
NO! no more "i wish" but "i will"! so yes! this evening, i WILL finish cutting out this pattern! And i WILL cut out a facing for the neck band of my dress! Thanks for cracking the whip ;)