Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Since last week i have achieved very little.  How'd that happen? i mean i was off work for about 6 days! oh well!
i found buttons for the cowl for my swapner.  I wove in ends on cowl and now all i have to do is attach said buttons.  about 15 minutes worth of work but never seem to find 15 minutes to devote to it.  Once i get that done, im going to wrap the presents and hopefully i'll have the count - if not i'll get a few more things and then get that out by nov 9.  that will be one huge thing off my plate! phew!
My coat : well i finally go tthe courage to seam up those mods Rémi helped me make on my bodice.  Now i need to get the courage up to sew the skirt onto the bodice.  it really will take a lot of courage because this is the moment of truth. either these mods worked and it now fits or... well, im at a loss.  Once i get that done then i have to figure out how to do the lining...lovely lol
i finished the sleeves for khion - that really didnt take as long as i had feared. I cast on the body and have knit about half of the decorative border for the bottom.
im off for a few days as of this afternoon so my goal over these days off = attach buttons; get khione onto the plain stockinette stitch portion of the body; get coat skirt and bodice attached and if it fits, get lining cut out.  that should be enough to keep me pretty busy lol!
i bought a pattern for my HS reunion dress.  and i bought fabric for it!  i hope i can get my coat well underway before i receive the pattern and that way i can get busy on that because i only have a few weeks!

Any projects you're working on? any of them giving you a bit to chew on?

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