Thursday, October 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Still running a day behind lol. oh well, it's my blog and i can do what i want to  ;)

These days my knitting and crafting is all about my Christmas swap.
I've mentioned in the past making the matterhorn hat/scarf/mitt set for my swap partner.
Sans titre
Ive finished the mitts ( a little baggy around wrist and i think my partner is much thinner than me but they're still quite nice.
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Ive finished the hat. A tad short because i had to use smaller needles for the crown as i had no DPNs in the right size and that apparantly fudged the row gauge enough to make it a tad too short. So i folded the brim a little less than intended and steamed it so it would stay folded there.  think it's good to go.
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I changed the scarf into a cowl that has multi options for fitting.  It's the yellow brick road cowl by mona schmidt.  I used the matterhorn stitch pattern though instead of the one mona used for the original design.  That way it still matches the set.
I'm about 90 % done with this cowl.

I have yet to find buttons though so that's my next step.
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I also had to craft a GCD (gift containment device).
My friend Hedge sent me a box stuffed with her handmade goodies (soaps, lotions, chapsticks...) that i "won" in an auction.  These were packaged up in a christmas themed box that i just loved! i get it out every year and it's very handy to toss things into so the place stays picked up and it's very festive and decorative.  So i wanted to make something similar as a GCD for my partner.
I decided to go for a collage box.
I finished that today.
Sans titre

It's not as pretty or as well executed as i had envisioned but most things i do never are :/
That said, it will do. I hope my partner will like it and get as much use out of it as i like my Hedge box :)
I made it out of non-traditional christmas colors so she can use it all year if she wants.
i thought it was more greenish than it is (green is my partner's fave color)
it's actually blue; not quite sure why i thought it was green in the store???!!!  : /
Sans titre
But again, it's good enough i hope.
As soon as i get finished with this cowl i can get back to some of the other UFO's i have going on : my coat (coughcough) my sweater (i did get the sleeves separated off onto 2 pairs of needles so that i could finish them off - the sleeve caps have to be knit flat so i needed to get them of the two at a time magic loop system i had going on.  i finished one sleeve cap last night - yeah :D), the CA shawl. and then  have a pair of gift fingerless gloves i want to knit fairly quickly.

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Tiddy and Charlie. said...

You have been busy! All clever stuff. I bet your swapee loves it all :o) Tiddy x