Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wonderful Wednesdays

oh why did i say that :(
i miss wonderful wednesdays at church :(
that said, still having a decent one anyway.i've gone walking, read up my past notes from my parenting class, eaten lunch with the fam, had a nap, knit a little on my 2nd sleeve of zephyr, made these cookies (sans cream cheese icing filling in an attempt to make them not too awfully unhealthy... le sigh :(   ), am about to go out for a walk with Remi to encourage him to get off his butt a little as i'm very sorry to say he's gaining weight exponentially, worse than me even :( and i dont want him to have to deal with criticism from his dad or feeling bad about himself.  so pretty productive day :)
back to work tomorrow though :P
i hope to finish up the zephyr sleeve by friday so that i can work on the body of zephyr over wwkip day on saturday.
i will also be casting on the 2nd small shawl i mentioned earlier as i finished the first - blocked and everything. and oh man was blocking that a pita!!!!! whoa!  now just to get up the nerves to send it out.

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