Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goings ons

On the knitting front, i finally finished taygete. I'm veryhappy with how it turned out. I will consecrate a full post to it soon.
And i just started the 2nd of my 7 small shawls for 7 spiritual sisters.  This one is Merope and you might remember i siad i was knitting it for Dianne.  I also said iwas going to use one of 2 skeins - i ended up using another. i foundthe perfect yarn in my stash :D
a merino cashmere blend in beautiful cobalt blues :D
It should look so lovely on her!
My slip and slide socks are kind of stagnating, as is zephyr, because i want to get Merope done before the end of our parenting class.
No spinning or sewing at the mo.  No time for it.

On the kiddo front, Alex did end up passing 6e and will go on to 5รจ (7th grade). PHEW!  i'm feeling so worn out and discouraged.  i have been struggling with the same problems over and over and over for years.  andi see that my kids are going to start that infernal cycle as well and i really hoped so much better for them, that they wouldnt "catch" my hang-ups and little psychological quirks.  alas.  i've taught them too well how to see a problem and not be able to fix it, move past it.
that said, maybe the problem is just that they dont see their problems as problems and i'm projecting that on them. so maybe that's good? i dont know.  maybe instead they inherited their grandmother's (not you mom, ch' mom) inability to question themselves and thus impossibility to grow?  i dont know which is worse. thining you're inadequate in absolutely everything and wanting to change it all but incapable of doing so and beating yourself up over it or thinking you have it all together and that everyone around you has the problem and being totally oblivious as to any pain discomfort or angst you impose on others or that any of the pain you yourself may be experiencing could actually be a result of your actions and not someone else's fault.

On the work front...i hate my job still lol.

On the hubby front, he's been fixing me tupperwares full of fresh fruit or veggies to take to work with em to snack on :D. he's being very nice lately which actually makes me suspicious. i need to get a grip.

On the USA front, i miss you guys +++++++++++++.

did i cover all the fronts?
any backs?
well, think i (un)covered those pretty thouroughly too ;P

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