Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Need color advice

Remember i said i have too much yarn?
remember i said i have too many wips?
well, the thing is, ther's this kal (knit along) coming up mid-june.
it's to celebrate carol feller's 100th design.
it's a super cute sweater!
and my birthday is coming up in june so my dh needs to be able to but me something, right?
I want to knit it out of the yarn suggested for once because it's a particular yarn, with high twist apparantly affecting the "weight" so even though it's supposedly a sport, blue moon fiber arts admits it's not a truer sport. and messing around on ravelry, i didnt really see anything satisfactory.
i've never tried BMFA anyhow.
But i dont know what color to pick out.
i have a ton of spicey oranges already so i want to avoid that
i also have sweater amounts of lime green and the teal i'm using in zephyr.
i think i'm an autumn.
any ideas?
i was thinking of this but i'd love a blue or a red. it's just i'm not sure about what kind of blue or red would look good on my skin.
OK. that's enough posting for one day ;)
thanks for your help :D

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