Thursday, September 8, 2011


A lovely friend of mine took the time out to create an excellent tutorial, with informative step by step detailed instructions illustrated with pictures. Kerrie is very thourough in all she tackles. And this tutorial is no exception. She inspired me to get my wheels out and give them a tune up. I've alwys felt intimidated to do that as i dont know much about my wheels or how to care for them on a day to day basis. I got both of them used (probably 3rd or 4th hand even) and while in good shape, they have no instructions with them and one of them i dont even know what it is.
I listened to a podcaster talk about oiling everything that moves (i dont remember who it was, sorry) so i have done that on the one i use all the time. the other one just sits there. until very recently it didnt even turn right. dh fixed that prob ( it was a footman thing) but he also "fixed" the driveband...ho-hum! it's a double drive and he saw the cord someone "had been too lazy to cut to dimension so they just looped it around twice and in doing it they even crossed the cord". DOH! so i have used it a couple of times as a single drive but i can tell it would be a pretty well-tuned lady if she were fixed up correctly.
Anyhow, thanks to Kerrie's "list of materials" i got everything out and ready. Then, following her step by step instructions, i got them both all tuned up. wheel 002
I'm now motivated to work on the drive band too. that will be tomorrow i think.
and i've test-driven my louet s10. wheel 006
She spins so smoothly and noiselessly now :D
thanks Kerrie!!!!!!


Isabelle said...

WTG! And your second wheel is so pretty!

sophie said...

This is something I should definitely do, I don't even remember the time I last oiled my wheel. Thanks for the link!

Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Thanks for the link. I think my wheel is well overdue a little TLC! C x