Tuesday, August 9, 2011

K is for

did you guess it yet?
i know! how surprising!

well, what might surprise you is i've been dealing with some mojo issues. as in, it was gone.
I think i've figured out what killed it. i tackled a bodice styled tank. i was thinking, hey, no sleeves...so even if the patterning is verrrry complex (i like the mind numbinging ease and relaxation and default setting of stockinette in the round and flat garter stitch - laziness? maybe. but i like to be able to do it while zoning out) i should be able to make it through anyway since it would be over before i got started right? ha!
add to his that 2 of my latest finished projects were sweaters knit in fingering weight yarn which means they just went on and on and on (why, yes, i do have big boobs, why do you ask?) and youcan imagine that i was feeling a little over-stretched and in need of some instant gratification.

Well, in comes hogwarts at ravelry. i spent about 3 weeks agravating said mojo problem feeling overwhelmed with all the 'homework assignements" feeling i needed to do eery single one and also not realising you could use the same project for several assignments. i was so overwhelmed that i was frozen up and couldnt CO anything.

I have moved √Ęst my mojo probs you will be happy to know. With a few quick and easy projects :
a dragon hat for chemo dept
a cell phone cozy for alex for her birthday that i should finish tonight
and spinning up some unicorn hair (shhhh... dont tell anyone at hogwarts that it is really only lincoln top)
and CO a beautiful shawl whose whole center panel is glorious garter stitchknit from side to side which means 2 CO st and 2 BO st! woot woot!!!

Still feel i dont have enough time in the day to knit all that's percolating in my brain though 8^O !


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Glad to hear of the return of the mojo :o) c x

Isabelle said...

Glad to know your mojo's back! :)
The chemo cap is *amazing* - how generous of you to give this to charity!
Hugs - hope we can catch up soon. I was just too wiped out to go to Katia's yesterday.