Wednesday, July 27, 2011

J is for

Was actually coming to blog about c2 5 k progress but have been thinking about how far behind i am in the alphabet (k was for monday and it's now wednesday). so this all came together quite nicely.
Of course you could argue that jogging has nothing to do with my crafty endeavors. i beg to differ. if it werent for my sedentary hobbies, my rear wouldnt have spread so much ;)
see the way it all comes together if you try to make it lol!

So, for those who havent been keeping up, i'm doing the couch to 5 k program again. you can follow the first trials and tribulations if you go back 2 or 3 years in my blog (hehehehe - how's that for being a lazy hostess :") )
This go round seems to be easier which is crazy because i'm older and bigger :P
Maybe it's because i was going into it knowing i could do it because i had before?
Whatever the reason, i'm going right through the program with no big hiccups. This plan really is amazing because it really does help you go from couch potato, incapable of running 5 yards without huffing and puffing to being able to jog 5 km in 9 weeks (maybe a little more if you feel you need to do a week over).
This go round, the summer holidays have made it rough on my keeping with the schedule so i've had two spouts where i missed about 2 weeks of jogging (this past week ended a 3 week spout of no jogging!!! yikes! So i did go back and do week 5 over both of those tiems. Today was my getting back into the swing of things with W5D1 and i was really nervous because it has been so long and because i have gained back all the weight i had lost (save 1 pound :/ ) on weight watchers. But i did it! and i did it well! rem came with me on his bike so he could gauge my "speed" haha - using speed and rebecca in the same sentence is quite funny ...
Anyhow, the 1st segment of my running i did awesome!!!! i was at 10.5 km:hour! :D but by the last segment i was at 8.5 :P
OK, so more later with "k"
any guesses on that one mrahahahahaha


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

10.5k/hr! No wonder they call you speedy! I think I could easily manage 0.5k/hr ...or even 1k/hr if chased by a marauding group of hungry wolves, but probably no faster :o)

Rebecca said...

1k/hr if chased by a marauding group of hungry wolves
roflol! you crack me up :D

Liana said...

I'm rooting for you!!!!!

Kendra said...

I miss you Becca. I have been thinking of you a lot lately. I have become HORRIBLE at blogging. Or even really commenting on blogs. Send me a message on Skype with your email address and i'll send an email. That work better because it comes to my cell phone. I love you!

caracolina said...

You're awesome!!! I fell off the wagon myself but am going to get back on this week (or so I am telling myself)...

Rebecca said...

you can do it - just hoist yourself back up there caro!

i miss you too, loads, kendra! i feel so alone here and was so wanting to talk with you :(

thanks liana :D

Deniss said...

sometimes I miss knitting but I lost my stash, my huge lovely soft stash...Yes, once I was knitting, then I was hand crafting silver jewelry, now what I am doing?!

Rebecca said...

hey there! havent seen youin forever
hope you are ok.