Sunday, June 5, 2011

E is for

ELPHABA!!! desgined by Mary Annarella
My current love affair.
I've been spending so much time with her over the past month. For a while it was every waking hour (not occupied by my pesky daytime job ;P or silly things like housecleaning and cooking).
We were really close and i was blinded by love. I loved every thing about her. The yarn (schaeffer yarns heather in thistle), the construction, the pattern (a VERY WELL WRITTEN pattern and TUTORIAL!), the projexcts i saw on ravelry...
Lately though things are starting to get well, burnished, as is bound to happen with love affairs. You know, noticing little things like puckered stitches, mess-ups, a painstakingly small gauge (oh at first that's why i loved her so much, but on a day to day basis... well, you know, it gets annoying) the way i have to switch out her d*** skeins all the time (handpainted yarn = each skein is quite different :P ).
I've noticed i'm not knitting as much. I dont feel like it.
I have been having a few little slings with sewing on the sly, but nothing serious.
I mostly am just kind of restless, nervous about upcoming travel plans, super busy spending hours on end on the stupid computer trying to firm up said plans... I just dont have the energy to mess with it.
But I so want to finish it because it's gorgeous.
To be honest i'm having misgivings about the short row bust shaping. I've been there before. Done it on other sweaters but this one is so special i just don't want to mess her up and my wrap and turns can sometimes be kind of sloppy. I'm at the point where i need to start them actually.
Oh that Elphie. She's a live one alright ; )!
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Tiddy and Charlie. said...

That's a nice pattern :o) I've put it in my queue. It looks really comfy. I bet it will be well worth all the effort.c x

Isabelle said...

I hope the W&Ts are going well! This is going to be so stunning.
And think of the fun lace you have to do at the end - that should help you zip along the stockinette body :)

Rebecca said...

caroline, it is a verywell written easy to follow pattern.
and isabell, you're right aboutthe lace! fun at the end :D esp b/c it's a very pretty veryeasy lace part. have you done any more lace since we talked (i.e. have you finished the hemlock ring shawl lol!)?