Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week 2 weight watchers

This week I was supposed to
1. Track my weight
I of course did that lol! Excited to see the changes. And guess what, I have lost, at the end of week 2, 4.7 pounds! wootwoot! i lost an inch off my bust too :D But my darned thighs and back quarters are still the same size :P So, done!
2. Create a meal in the pointsplus tracker
I added lots of faves in the tracker (ie things i eat often) however i didnt add any meals because i dont typically eat the same meals every day. i'm ok with this because you can click and drag on the menu for daily tracking so it is plenty quick once you get your faves in. So, i'll say done anyway.
3. Make one small change to a favorite meal or snack
Done I made my fave chicken dish with half the normal amount of fresh cream and replaced that with skim milk. Could barely even tell :D
4. Stock your pantry perfectly
More or less done My DH built a couple of shelves in the pantry - YEAH!!! and he was sweet enough to even reorganize the whole panttry. Everything is much better displayed, i can actually tell what i have in one glance and make sure i use up older things first. And i have been trying to buy only healthy foods at the store. However, i ddint go so far as to print out their suggested list and follow that strictly.
5. Check that your weight loss expectations are realistic
Done My ultimate goal is 118 pounds. For my height and age the suggested weight range is 102 to 128 so my 118 goal is right in the middle pretty much. As far as the tips and tricks they suggest for sticking to your goals and making smaller intermediate goals, i'm going to read up on that over the next week or so. In the mean-time, i have a short goal of 5% loss, which will put me at 133 pounds.

I'm pretty happy with how things are going but i do sometimes feel frustrated. Feel like i need to stick a big ole something sweet and fattening in my mouth. Ugh! that is so hard : P
i just try to hang in there but it can be a real torture. especially when i feel lonely :(

I'm very proud of myself for one thing though! I had to get gas today and i cannot believe this but at the gas station for crying out loud (gas stations are not the meccas they are in the states with candy and coke and batteries and anything you could possible need overflowing) they had the horribly tempting most delicious vanilla fudge in the whole world that i discovered in scotland. this stuff is sinful!!!! and i said - oh no! i'm not even going there! and i left without buying it :D


Katherine said...

Way to go on leaving the fudge! Btw, I love some of the desserts that you can make through ww (I used to be on ww, but now do spark people) and knowing that it is made good for you, helps a lot. Im rooting for you! Of course, I would KILL to weigh what you weigh now (still have prego weight from my now one year old) but I sooooo understand what you are going through.

Kcatt79 (ravelry)

Rebecca said...

thanks for encouragement :D
i think i remember you being pretty tall? i'm only 5 feet (on a good day) lol! so my weight will of course be pretty low to most americans who are usually about 5 inches taller than me at the least ;)
here in france though, i'm a close to normal height hehehehe
keep up the spark! wtg!

caracolina said...

Congratulations for tackling the inner beast! I am in need of getting myself into shape too. I hope you can stick with it for the long haul because that's what's going to give you great results! Go Becca!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!!! You have inspired me a bit. I started tracking on Sparkpeople two days will be my third. My goal weight is 130. I am 165 now, so 35 pounds. i am shooting for an August deadline. Love you, proud of you, Di.

Rebecca said...

yeah! we can do this together :D