Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Episode 4 : Still a WIP ;^}

So i messed up again toward the end; If i cant get it right the first time then i need to learn to edit, right???!!!
Anyhow, here's a direct link to listen and here are the shownotes :

I finished MistleToes by Mindy Vasil out of RYC Soft Lux in gigli.

I made my first ever sewn project :D! It is the easy breezy wrapskirt designed by diana rupp from her sew everything workshop book. I used Amy Butler 100 % cotton fabric from her love collection.

I delivered the chemo caps (bonnet 20 designed by monbouton and moss landing hat from sock yarn one skein wonders designed by sarah hope parmeter / whatifknits) to their recipients.

I have started the elphaba pullover by Mary Annarella aka marymealittle.
The yarn I am using is Schaefer yarns Heather in thistle also ordered from eat.sleep.knit.

I'm plugging away on my rainbow vanilla socks, design by Jasmin canty / cuteknitter.

I just started a new kal : a lace shawl called roxeanne by liz abilante.

I'm still spinning happyhappyjoyjoy by the counting sheep farm.

I have relegated my naughty secretary skirt to hibernation.But I won't forget her!

Dorotheewool has the most gorgeous fair isle works. She has even designed some herself. You can purchase her patterns from her blog Les petites mailles.

I just finished listening to "Sing You Home" by Jodi Picoult - ambivalent towards this book.

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Isabelle said...

Still haven't listened to episode 3, but since I saw you'd put on the 4th I went ahead and listened to this one first. :P

About the Schaefer - that is the yarn you were telling me about when we were at La Mercerie right? (I now realise I hadn't understood it quite right then.) That sure is a pain :( The colourway is stunning though! This is going to be such a gorgeous sweater.

I cannot wait to see your skirt :) Congrats!! I looked up the fabric you used - so pretty. I'm sure only you can tell that it's upside down :)
I think skirts are a great garment to use a fun fabric w/o being completely over the top, because you can pair it with a neutral, er, top, precisely ;) I prefer to have the craziness going on my skirt than on top, it makes it fun but not totally eccentric. :P
So glad you found this easy - totally agree! It's just like knitting. You might need a manual/Youtube tutorial/help from a friend every now and then, just as with knitting, but above all, you have to let the pattern guide you :)

So sad about Marie :( Glad the hats were well received though.

You cracked me up, conjuring the image of Sarkozy at the sewing machine.
What a bummer about the zipper foot though :( You'll have to come over and we'll have a sewing session and finish your skirt together on my sewing machine :) This way I can also teach you how to insert a zipper. May is going to be insanely busy for me but what about early June?

I'll listen to episode 3 ASAP :)