Thursday, November 11, 2010


Have you heard of The Love Dare?
It's an inspirational/self-betterment type book where every day presents a different aspect of love accompannied with a scripture passage and a "dare" then a place to log. It's a 40 day challenge geared toward helping you infuse your marriage with true love - God's perfect love.
I started this book quite while ago and was a Love Dare Loser...I dropped out after about 2 weeks ;)
But a friend mentioned it to me in an email (Diane, the lady i walked with not too long ago)
And via a blog mentioned in a friend's blog i came across someone doing the dare and blogging about it.
I've decided to do the same to help me keep on track.
Today was a holiday so i was off work with the kids all day.
The day's dare was to practice patience by not letting naything negative come out of my mouth. And this is something i need to work on not only with Christophe but also with my kids. So i decided to let this be a whole family challenge.
My kids TALK....A LOT!!!!!!!!!!! I managed to do a pretty darn good job of not letting any negativity out of my mouth today though i did have to tell RĂ©mi that i felt he was being unfair and mean to his sister. But i feel it didnt take proportions it usually tends to take. And for Christophe, we weren't around each other much becaue he was at work but i said nothing negative to him either :D
Everyone seems to react well to the lack of negativity - no long term recipricocity, but good vibes for the day. if this can become habbit, maybe not only I can change but I can help them to change (respect and patience and love is not flying high in my household right now, on anyone's part).


ChelleC said...

I have NOT heard of The Love Dare, but it sounds like a wonderful program. Is it a book? I'll have to try to find out. Thanks for sharing about it. Sounds like a positive start.

Rebecca said...

it is a ook - i'm going to send you an amazon link