Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The love dare

Well, it's on hold. i had two days at work that have been long and hard so i havent had time to read day uh... i think it's day 5 that's up next.
Hopefully I'll be able to get on that tomorrow.
I am feeling a little better in my spiritual heart though.
I am praying a little more.
Still not totally in teh faith feeling but i know from past experience that if i put time and thought into my spiritual life then it blooms. And that effects my relationships with others.
Not much else going on here.
Getting wound up about coming to USA!!! Only about 4 more weeks! Can you believe it?!
Hugs to you all :D


ChelleC said...

Where are you going in the US? You won't be anywhere near Kansas City, Missouri will you?

You sound so much more upbeat and at peace - I know the praying always helps calm me too, and make me a better wife/mother.

Rebecca said...

lol - think i'm on a downswing since but i'm trying to keep my head up ;)
sadly i'm not near MO. I'm in nashville. we've contacted a few people in one of the rav groups i'm in and we're all meeting up (about 12 of us) in knoxville but that's waytoo far for you :(
thanks for your comments :)