Sunday, October 3, 2010


This is a mishmash post in many ways. But first off a little explanation and i hope a ROFLOL moment for you. I cannot think of "mishmash" now without lol myself! And Rémi has gotten into that terrible "teen" talk. In french nonetheless. I never have any idea wth he's saying! i have ot say wat a bazillion times and often Christophe does too. And it's a running joke now to go "mishmushmwrashmash" whenever one of us doesnt understand the other.

So some knitting mishmishmushmashmishmwarsh :
My progress pics of ze swetaihr are in my flickr - see flickr pics below
I didnt manage to get through the sleeve as i had hoped.
My efforts were way-layed by a few other projects.

First up is a pair of christmas ornaments in the making. A friend from Ravelry has had some bad issues with flooding and has lost her christmas deco stuff (among other things). Things are looking up for her and her DH as they were able to sell their house and get a new one so hopefully she wont be dealing with this stuff anymore! In the meantime, another rav friend had the idea of all of us replenishing the tree with handmade ornaments. only specifications, white and sparkly. i love me some sparkly!!!!
Found this great yarn ahem ahem. yarn is not the right word for this carp. it's horrendous. BUT it's preteh! sparkleh! love it!
I have been hemming and hawing on this for about 2 months i guess and had ideas for it but never put them into execution. So finally this week i crocheted up two "balls". Now i have to soak in a sugar solution and blow a balloon up inside them to shape them into spheres and then decorate them. Yes, decorate, as in more sparkle :D lol!
I got balloons friday so i could do them. maybe this week?
we'll see.

Next up is a pair of socks i started in april!!! but since they're solid no frills socks and done 2 at a time, it makes for slow boring knitting. I should finish these any minute now but it's sheer torture. just put them aside you may say? i cant! hate to still have them on the needles!
they're ugly and have terrible messups in the heels but they're soon don, so there!!!!!
they'll be fine for just keeping my feet warm around the house this winter. These are the purple ones you can see in the flickr gallery.

Finally, the last monstrosity is just that..a monstrosity mrahahahaha! These are my monster mash socks. I cast them on on friday after work and have already knit the whold cuff of one. really cant believe that! i'm ususally so slow! But then again, i do choose to knit short cuffs as with commercial socks i always fold them down anyway. So story behind these : there's a group on ravelry that is doing a readalong knitalong. You read Mary Shelly's Frankenstein and knit up a pair of frankensocks, the idea being to use up scrap ends and make them frankenesque in their construction (you know, a little of this here, a little of that there all sewn up pele-mele) So, i happened to have a lot of tiny sample skeins of sock yarn from teh phat phiber box that i had no idea what to do with. the colors are the different artisan's interpretations of the 4 elements. quite an eclectic mixture of things. too little to do anything with and too sporadic to i thought ; )
So I have mashed together a ton of different yarns and mashed together two different sock patterns to come up with my monster mash socks.
I have listened on my ipod to the preface and letters of frankenstein. yes, i know that's cheating but i cant knit and read at the same time.
These are the hideous looking things around my ankle in the flickr gallery.

And now some general mishmishmushmashmishmwarsh:
the weather - the best knitting weather ever! love it! sitting in the house on the couch curled up with tea and knitting! yeah!!!!

Nest up, yummy mishmishmushmashmishmwarsh :
Christophe made us homemade pretzels saturday! they were GOOD!!!!!!!!!
there's a Mr pretzel that opened in montpellier and the kids love it and he came with us once and tasted alex' and had to go get one himself - rare!
so he decided he could make them. i warned hi mthat they're a PITA - never done them myself but i knew they had to be boiled then oven cooked and we all know how doughmaking can be a pain!
but he found a recipe online and set about it and they turned out perfect.
we ate them all up in one go :P

A little sucky mishmishmushmashmishmwarsh:
I am feeling so overwhelmed and fed up with things. i know i'm always complaining. i'm sorry. i know i should instead be thankful for all i have but all i can see is what i dont have : kids who are respectful, take care of their small responsibilities and help me out a little . a husband who supports me loves me and encourages me. friends i can call and go out for a tea or hot chocolate and cake and a little retail therapy with at the drop of a hat. friends around me period. being able to go out for tea etc without feeling guilty and judged.
I am really fedup really sick of how my life is right now. i am almost feeling i could just say f it all and come back home without the kids since ch wont let me brig them home. that's how bad i feel right now. i of course wouldnt but i feel that hopeless right now.

Some confusing mishmishmushmashmishmwarsh:
I wrote all of the above sunday morning. sunday evening, with as crappy as i have been feelng lately, and you can imagine how that affects my attitude, and thus teh attitude of those around me and thus my attitude and ...viscious cycle if you get my drift...
so sunday afternoon, huge blow up. divorce flying. sleeping on the pull-out bed in toy/craft/yoga/guest room. or not sleeping but crying is more like it. the whole 9 yards in other words.
well, once again the fire has been put out - for how long? we had our marriage counselor meeting today. Christophe suggested we go anyway and try again to make things work (how many times is this anyway?) i of course want to try again - i love him - i want this to work and he makes me think it's possible when he talks like this. but do i really think he can change? does he need to change more than me? can i change? do i want to?

Finally some more levifying mishmishmushmashmishmwarsh:


Kendra said...

Becca, I totally understand your concerns about the future. I felt the same way.

Can he change?
Can I change?
Do either of us WANT to change?

For me it can down to the last question. I reached a point where I wasn't willing to invest anymore energy into it.

It feels like an emotional roller coaster. The highs are great....but the downs....OHHHHH!!!!
On a roller coaster you lose hats and sunglasses on that quick, downward hill...instead you lose faith, trust.....and sometimes...YOURSELF.

Hang on!

I love you!

Anonymous said...

i wish i could fix these things for you. i can dig a hole. but mostly i wish i could just hug you and make it all better like i could when you were a kid. being an adult just sucks at times and yet all kids just can't wait till they grow up~if they only knew. i love you and you know i'm praying but i have to admit i have selfish prayers sometimes-it's hard for me to always pray for God's will to be done. love you, mama

queen of everything said...

trying to find words, but all i can come up with it ((((((HUGS))))))) and prayers.

Isabelle said...

Hey Rebecca, just wanted to send you some hugs. You'll be in my thoughts!
Hope to see you at a tricot-thé soon - are you going on Sat. 16?
Prends bien soin de toi.

ChelleC said...

Oh Rebecca. As others have said HUGS. Major hugs. While I loved the "mishmash" comments in not understanding teens who talk under their breath, I really really hope thing work out in whatever way is needed. Am praying for you and that you'll experience some peace of mind and heart soon. The teen years are the hardest in raising kids.