Friday, September 24, 2010

ants in my pants

i cant sit still
i cant think
i cant concentrate
the stupid nursing school is supposed to post the stupid test results today ...
It's been sept 24 for 14 hours now!!!!! hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think i've hit their site about 150 times today. and still no results.
i know i said i did very poorly so i shouldnt worry about it right. i wont be listed on teh list and that's all, right? but still, even though i know i'm probably not on the list, until i actually see the list i can't be 100% sure, right? So, here i am going craaaaaaaazy!!!!!!!!!!
COME ON for crying out LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My work day today = 0% productivity - really!


SB said...

fingers are crossed for you!!

caracolina said...