Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alex' teacher

I think he's a pretty good guy. He talked to the kids first thing on maonday morning according to my DD.
He reviewed the class rules that they had made together at the beginning of the school year (just a few weeks ago) and expounded upon them to include a rule against any form of aggression. He asked the kids what aggression meant (first calling on three of the girls Alex had had probs with) and when no one could bring forth an appropriate answer, he helped them.
He reminded them that they had the right to not like everyone in the class and had the right to not play with so and so but did not have the right to ask others to not play with/ignore so and so. he said that was a form of aggression (i think harrassment is a concept 1. foreign to frenchculture 2. too hard to explain to kids so i think he used "aggression" instead which is fine...whatever you want to call it!). He said that if anyone was victim or witness to such behavior he wanted to know.
Alex' "friends" asked her to be friends with them again but she said she didnt want to be because they weren't real friends if they behaved like that.
I encouraged her to not hold grudges but agreed with her that true friends don't behave like that and that if she wanted to maintain her distance that was probably a good idea.
I'm still keeping a close eye on things. But i feel relieved the teacher took the bull by the horns (not often done here in France - it's more and ostridge (sp??? lol good lord i cant sp anymore!) culture than a bull culture ;) well, except in the bedroom lol! tmi but i'm just kidding)
I feel more positive and more hopeful for this society with its lack of justice, respect, and humanity that sometimes appals (sp again...good lord!) me.

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queen of everything said...

glad the teacher took action. hope it continues to clear up.