Monday, June 14, 2010


Cause I'm at work :^0 !
Had a great weekend : Sat was world wide knit in public day (yes, Kendra, that does exist lol!)
and i got to hang out and chat and knit with 4 other french ladies in a nice little park in Montpellier next to a duck pond; there was the smell of weed (of the maryjane kind) in the air, plenty of piercings abound and even a man playing a violin lol! Such a lovely environnement ;)
But seriously it was great and I managed to recuperate my lost baby sweater and almost finish it - i have finished it since :D Pics to follow.
Then Sunday was relaxing - by that i mean i did absolutely nothing :P
But i did talk to bff (read you if you're kendra lol) and even though our conversation could have been about better things, i was very glad to get to talk to her (read you if you're kendra) and i hope we get to do it more often.
Things were a little less than super mommy with the kids this weekend though :(
I can't say "i did my best" To be honest, i wanted to be left alone, so i pretty much went wherever they werent, feeling guiltybut knowing that if i was in the room with them too long it wouldnt end well anyway and today now that i'm at work i feel even worse about that attitude.
But, I'm a work in progress, right? ho-hum. I wish the master Potter would at least fix that little part as too much is leaking out :(
This week at work is going to be rough - new ward opening up. I'm so sick of it :P
I got my pediatric nurse entryexam app packet off. HEAR YE HEAR YE! THE EXAM IS SEPT 6! I expect a flood of reminders the two weeks leading up and hourly reminders starting 3 days before LOL!!!!!
Will I finally feel fulfilled professionally if i become a ped nurse? only time will tell, if that's in my life's plan that is.


ChelleC said...

You ARE a work in progress. We ALL are, Rebecca. I think you are doing great. Keep up the good work - you're creating a life balance, and that's hard to do sometimes. But you're working toward it. Enjoy the week and do your best. It will be enough. Really.

Rebecca said...