Sunday, June 27, 2010

My shimmery Skuld

Sküld is one of three sisters in norse mythology who cares for Yggdrasil, the world tree. The three sisters not only care for Yggdrasil, but they also spin the threads of life. Sküld spins the future.
This pattern is so beautiful and in my opinion is perfectly symbolic in its representation of Sküld : the intertwining braids are like our lives that are all connected and yet diverging, pulling apart then pulling back in.

My vision of the future is ever changing and right now it is scary and mysterious and very uncertain. Yet there’s always hope, right?
So for my Sküld, I chose a tonal shifting color but it's still solid enough to let the pattern shine through. It’s shades of mysterious fear-inspiring blood-red crimsons (the colorway is called Volturi ;) ).

Yet isnt red also bold and corageous? I’m knitting some courage into my future! As well as some hope with the threads of silver woven through-out!
I haven't decided if I really knit this courage for myself or if i knit it for one of 2 special people. I'm waiting for it to whisper it's owner to me. It will.


caracolina said...

What a beauty! This is an amazing shawl, you did marvellous! I love the story about the pattern, too.

Rebecca said...

I know! I love the theme and story of the pattern too! makes it fun to knit imo a pattern that has a story behond it :D
thank you

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tis so pretty and the story is so nice, it should be yours. You need the courage. love you, di