Sunday, May 23, 2010


Figured I'd better blog before someone thought I fell off the face of the earth.

Had some rough things going on in my life that I don't want to share - I know, me? not share?
Maybe one day but I doubt it.

But my mental energy is being used on other things right now. I'm having trouble getting my head around life right now. I feel out of balance and disappointed with my work life, my family life, my couple, my spiritual life. When I say disappointed, I mean it's not what I'd thought or hoped or aspired to. And I can't seem to get to the point of acceptance - which is stupid, I know, because I have so much to be thankful for - why should I be disappointed for crying out loud? And on top of all this...IM GOING GRAY!!!! OMG, tons of gray hairs!!!!!!!!! WTH????

Ugh, sorry, my blog sure is depressing isn't it.

Ok - on a lighter note. My running program, well, hasnt gotten very far. I did really well for two weeks - jogging 5/7 days for 3-4 miles/outing. But I had to stop, my left foot, heel and ankle are killing me - even at rest they hurt now!
I started doing a little more yoga (I had stopped over the past few months) and plan on getting back to doing that as much as I was at one point in time.

Still, not a very light note...let's try again :
Crafting! Now there's some levity :D!
My recent finished projects :


caracolina said...

Hope you've been feeling better since you entered this. Even though I haven't posted much of anything recently I have thought about you and your struggles a lot. I think you worry too much about meeting your own expectations. I wish you could find more satisfaction in your surroundings (your family, your beautiful handiworks, nature, etc) and hope that the prayers will help find you some peace.

Armelle said...

wouha elle est top!!! bravo!!!

Kendra said...

email me at

it comes directly to my cell phone and i can respond really quickly