Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week 4 underway

I was wanting to jog Tuesday Wednesday and Friday but wasn't able to because of ipod probs on tuesday (what an excuse right?) and fongecif meeting on wednesday (financing for my pediatric nurse school ,which, i don't remember if i said this already or not, the big boss has refused due to the fact that there is not a pediatric service in my hospital...i suspected this all along)
anyhow, i will not get out there after 10 am and jog as it is hotter than hades, so if it doesn't get done in the morning, it doesn't get done at all. on the other hand, i was beginning to worry that i had lost motivation and that i was too scared to try this week's session as it is a huge step up (for me, that is) and also was getting really worried about my zelf-defeating attitude that makes me say, "you screwed up so might as well just forget it" by not sticking to my original plan of tuesday and wednesday jogging.
But, this morning, I got off my butt and DID IT! YEAH!!!!! I jogged for a total of 16 minutes this go round! :D

Thank you for thinking of me! I got your birthday card in the mail yesterday. Can you believe we're about to turn 35???!!!! Gulp!

Sorry I slighted you in my last post. I didn't realize other people were still reading as Kendra is the only one that had commented in a while. Hope I didn't offend you away :).

Mom and Dianne
If y'all are still reading, i'd love to know (hint hint hint)

Knitting wise, I'm making a february lady sweater but it is waaaaaaaaayyyyyy small so it's going to be Grey's gray february girlie sweater. Here's the kids modeling it. Grey is about right in between them size wise (I think, but i'm a terribnle judge of things like this)

and here's the bread pic i promised you guys


YogaNerd said...

Hey Rebecca, I still read your blog. I'm lurking about. :D

Congrats on the success you are having with jogging/running. That is fantastic. Keep up the good work, and don't be hard on yourself if you miss a day or two. Consistency is important, but so is not giving up. You are doing great, so keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

hey rebecca! how's the paris perspective coming along?

memeto12 said...

u know i'm always checking it and reading! nice work on keeping posts up to date! makes me feel like you're kinda home and i could see you running by any time! love you guys, mama

Kendra said...

I am SO jealous of the running. And even more PROUD of the running. My friend Melanie is planning on starting that program on Monday.

I have posted WAY to much to my blog in the past 2 days. Sorry!

Rebecca said...

I know, mom, I love this about internet. I feel so close to Kendra and Dianne when we keep in touch well through blogging or ravelry or what have you. Sometimes we're not as good about it and that's ok too but when we do keep up it is the next best thing to being home.

Kendra, i missed your last few updates, sorry. gonna go check em out!

caracolina said...

No worries! I know I blog for 2 1/2 people myself and nobody in my (admittedly small, yet somewhat estranged) family reads it... Yet it is nice to know that someone out there cares. I'm always happy to see updates from you, especially hopeful ones. Keep it up!