Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Still jogging :D

Can you believe it? I can't!
So on Friday I did my 3rd session, which , mom, refers to my jogging, since you seemed confused.
This means my 3rd time in one week of jogging 60 seconds and walking 90 seconds for a total of 20 minutes. I was so proud of myself! I ordered a present for myself from amazon. Actually, went a little crazy :O
I ordered a bread book Dianne mentionted, little box of socks mentioned on destiknit's podcast, budokon yoga dvd, and preordered a knitting book that will be out. I was bad, but you just can't imagine how elated I am that I stuck with it so far and I'm really trying to go for the positive reinforcement thing to keep me from losing momentum!
So today, I did session 1 of week 2. This means I've moved up a level to jogging 90 seconds and walking 120 seconds. for a total of 20 minutes. To save you some math, this means I was jogging a total of 8 minutes last week and am jogging a total of 9 minutes this week. Sounds pretty lame like that, doesn't it. Just don't tell me that or I'll get down on myself instead of feeling proud of myself ;).

On the knitting front, I'm almost done with some fingerless gloves for Sadia. We had a bet going on at work as to when a patient would leave our service (he was one of our chief surgeons father in law, and should have died a while ago but has been kept alive in the ICU by our tlc - he should have been in hospice, not in ICU... anyway, that's a long story, right?) So he was with us for a little over 2 MONTHS!!! He was in quarantine for a smar so the nursing, feeding, perfs, etc... were all a pita (had to get dressed in throw away blouses, gloves, etc...) and once you went in the room you were usualy in there for about an hour, which means the other nurse and aid were taking care of the 11 other patients by themselves. Anyhow, we bet on when he would leave and Sadia won. The prize was champagne offered by Elodie, chocolate offered by Martine, fingerless gloves offered by me and a free coloscopie offered by Dr Carle. He's been chasing poor Sadia around ever since. To finish the poor patients story, he left much much earlier than all of us (but Sadia) had guessed BUT he came back within 2 days (girls in the normal ward felt he was too hard to take care of - yeah, like we have nothing else to do!) He passed away this past Saturday while I was at work. His family was all with him right to the end.
I'm also trying to finish my lace shawl. I will bnever get that thing done!


Kendra said...

Becca, I am SO proud of you! I have always wanted to be one of the "runner people" and there you are doing it. I have always heard that the way you are doing it is the best way. You will be running 5K before you know it.

Now I feel like a slacker!

I hope you enjoy your rewards!

sulkycat said...

the run 60, walk 90 routine is the one all my friends have followed, and olwen now run at least 10k 3 times a week - so stick with it! my friends call it 'lamp post to lamp post training' - and when this damned ME starts to ease i will be joining in, i got up to running 2 mins at a time the other year on the treadmill, for me that was a massive thing!

and the lovely mitts sound better than the coloscopy ....

jm said...

WTG Becca-so happy for you--i am still working on walking a bit faster...you go girl!!!