Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New and improved

Like my new and improved page?
Thanks Kendra and cutest blog ever :D!

My healthy lifestyle program is also new and improved ;)
I've been very patient with myself and very encouraging (hehehehe) with myself with this running thing. I think I need to carry this attitude through to my eating habits. Encouraging, patient, health-conscious, but not condeming of myself. We'll see how that goes. I'm taking Kendra's and Caroline's advice on the food journal.

Today, I jogged 5 minutes, waled 3, jogged 5, walked 3 jogged 5. This afternoon i'm going to do my yoga and hopefully finish Gray's sweater.

Before I went jogging, I downloaded Sinead O'connor onto my ipod. I absolutely LOVE her! My highschool fave. Haven't listened to her in forever except her most popular songs that Christophe downloaded onto my telephone. The ones I loaded up are some of her older, more obscure songs. Incredible vocals!!!! I just vibrate all over with her singing. No other singer can affect me like her. She's absolutely incredible. Her voice is sometimes soft, sometimes loud, sometimes deep, sometimes high, sometimes crystal clear, sometimes throaty. Always haunting and bautiful! My jog just brought back a flood of emtions deep buried and even revived an old dream that I never told anyone - I wanted to be a singer like her! I never told anyone because I can't carry a tune to save my life lol! So it was really a pipe dream ;)! But I always pretend to be the one singing when I listen to her. I want to grow up to be like Sinead :D!
I also downloaded Sarah Mclachlan, who also has a beautiful voice and I love but just not quite like my Sinead!


Rebecca said...

Was just belting S.O. out while listening to ipod and messing around on computer while dh took his shower (so i thought). He scared the crap out of me coming up behind me and informed me that it sounded like there was a lamb being carried off and eaten by a river side by a big bad wolf. very colorful image at least! lol!
remember when kerrie mccoin's friend (can't remember her name) told me and jocelyn that it sounded like there was a dying seamonster in the corriders as we were practicing our french horns in the hallway?

Kendra said...

I love the patriotic blog!

It sounds like things are going much better. I think you are on the right track with the food journal. I thought about doing that today. But, then I had a slice of apple pie with my coffee for breakfast. LOL

I am glad you are enjoying your new ipod. That makes me think.....I need to find mine.