Thursday, June 11, 2009

I SO rock! ;)

First up, I had decided on a swift for my reward last week. Swifts are ridiculously expensive, so I talked to dh about making me one. I explained it to him and he was like, uh, hmmmmm.... We were all in the "sun room" together and all of a sudden he jumps up and says "hey, what about this?" while spinning my music stand around. Isn't he brilliant. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it should work perfectly :D!
So instead, I ordered a pattern I've been wanting a long time and for which I already have the yarn and everything.

Next up, this week's progress. I'm up to 3 minutes at a time of jogging stretches. Very proud of myself if I do say so myself :). I did session 2 of 3 for week 3 and will do session 3 (final session for week 3) tomorrow.

And finally, week 1's reward finally got here! Yeah! It's, as you might recall, a bread making book, a sock pattern book, and a budokon yoga dvd. This dvd is where the I rock thing coes in! I only made it through the first 20 minutes or so, but man, is it cool! What a workout and I feel like a ninja ;) ! This shows footage from the dvd I was using today.

I had the crappiest past two days at work. I got in a heated discussion with a doctor who's a total turd as he laid into me for no apparent reason. I knew he was stressed and annoyed and, as usual, was walking on eggshells but it still wasn't enough and he just flew off the handle, telling me he a 53 year old licensed anasthesiologist and reanimator, not a secretatry (I had asked him to copy an entering patient's prescription onto our prescription support - he had just written the prescription out 30 minutes earlier on the support for the normal hospital ward but it is not valid if I copy it - i know it's stupid but that's how it is) Anyhow, I sat there a few seconds boiling and stewing and trying to hold my tongue, but to no avail. I let him have it saying that I was a 35 year old nurse getting paid shit for doing shit work and that my salary was nowhere near enough for me to have to take his crap every time he felt like unloading on someone. At this point my head nurse comes in asking what's going on as she can hear us all the way down the hall and she closes the door. We both sit there a few seconds and he gets up and heads out and I burst out crying like a stupid idiot and throw my pen across the table and say that I have a shit job in a shit ward in a shit hospital and work with shit doctors! Butthead comes back in and sees me crying and says oh no, I just can't agree with this! and leaves again. My head nurse follows him out into the hallway and says, I don't know what's going on but you're making one of my best nurses cry and yell and you should not talk to anyone like that. (My nurse aid heard her in the hallway and later told me this).
I felt like an idiot and a jerk. Elodie said she was very proud of me for standing up top that turd and that she would have just sat there mouth open. And she and my other collegues (all three of them witnessed this) said I shouldn't feel bad, that it was all him and I was only defending myself. Whatever, I should haev kept my mouth shut. Live and learn? Yeah, right. I'll still open my big mouth next time too.
The following day (yesterday), Dr. A-hole (who happens to be an excellent doctor - one of the best we have in my opinion° made a very regrettable, very bad call. A young (39 year old) woman was wdmitted from a neighboring ward into ICU in the middle of the night and he checked her out, proclaimed she had a pulmonary embola (sorry if that's not the right terminology - you know I did nursing school in french...), prescribed the necessary treament, and left her in the hands of our excellent night nurse and night nurse aid. Michele (the nurse) was very concerned, and kept updating Dr A-hole that she was getting worse. When I got there at 7 a.m., I see this poor woman breathing light and shalow and rapid, at 65 respirations per minute!!! She was barely able to squeak out a little whimper every few seconds or so. She was gray, barely conscious, and scared to death. She was saturating at 80% with a high concentration oxygen mask at 15 liters of oxygen per minute! And her blood pressure was yoyoing around. Puls running around 150. Geez, looks like a state of shock to me. Dr A-hole strolls in and insists, yet again, thet she's got an embola and we're all like... uhhhhhh... And the surgeon happens to come in and has a fit! Why the hell didn't anyone call me??? We intubated her and accompanied her to the scanner. Very instable. I accompany her to O.R. and wait and wait and wait for any news (don't worry, I worked as I was waiting ;) ) Finally hear that she was transferred to a bigger hospital that has a CCU and neurology department.
Turns out her gastric by-pass suturees had failed and she had an acute peritonitis. She spent the whole night in a state of shock, resulting in a very instable condition, resulting in loss of blood flow to brain She had a blood pressure of 20!!!!! when they put her on the operating table! Her brain has probably been fried, if she even lives.
She has a 6 year old at home. This job really sucks sometimes!


Kendra said...

1. I am VERY proud of you for your running. And the yoga looks really hard. I am quite impressed with you Becky Ladd!!!

2. I can't imagine doing the job that you do. I think you handle it really well, considering....

3. I think you handled yourself really well with you doctor friend. And I think the comments from the head nurse and co-workers speaks volumes.

4. Go see what I found on my blog!!

Rebecca said...

gonna go see what you found...????

Anonymous said...

give em hell becca. you know by now most doctors suffer from the "GOD COMPLEX". they often make very stupid calls, always blame anything on the nurses. some day something will jump up and bite him in the ass, just pray you are around to see it. i know you're good at what you do. love you, mama