Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back in the swing of things?

We made it back after a very bad trip! 48 hours worth!
The plane from Nashville got into Newark late because of weatehr so we missed the connection to Paris. I had to beg plead and insist on speaking to the manager to get a hotel. 90 voucher for hotel. Get back to France and check my bank statement and 90 dollars have been taken out. Called hotel - it was NOT for the room, as I had assumed, but for PHONE CALLS!!!??? One 6 minute one to Di and one 15 minute one to Christophe came up to 90 dollars!!! Can you believe that???? Anyway, in Paris, we farted around all day and went to get on flight WITH our boarding passes and assigned seats and the lady tells us our reservation wasn't correctly reserved so they cancelled it...oh, gee, how thoughtful of you...thanks!
And as you can imagine, our bags were lost with all this... BUT, we now have them! phew!

Enough of all that.

So, went back to work Saturday and Sunday, had Monday off to use my last vacation day of 2008-2009 (have to be used by May 1st and I hate Mondays at work) and guess what... I now have my normally scheduled week off :D YEAH me!

So I've been yoga-ing, visisting my american friends, bellydancing (if you can call my silly uncoordinated fish out of water mechanical robotic attepmts at sensual bodyrolling and stuff bellydancing), knitting, messing around, and being driven nuts by my family. Typical home time :/.

I'm reading a little collection of essays on the spirituality of motherhood. I already feel like a terrible mother, cause to be perfectly honest, sometimes I can't stand my kids! And I never know how to handle day to day things, how to speak "wisely" and fairly, how to discipline consistently and lovingly... how to be a mother basically!
I thought once you were a mother, you would be a natural. I was while they were babies, but I've been failing miserably since the terrible twos. And this book is making me feel even worse, cause every one of the twenty interviewed mothers tells how enriched they've become, how wise and loving, etc... all the things I'm not...grrr....

And finally, to really get me back into things, Christophe and the kids have adopted a stupid snake! A SNAKE for crying out loud!!!! A SNAKE in MY yard! In a silly makeshift rick rack cage!!!! Aaaaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

So, how's life treating you?

I sound totaly depressd. I'm not, really. Think I have major pms or something... Can you have pms 365 days a year, though?

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Kendra said...

Ha!!! We have a snake too. Jim bought him last weekend (ball python) and his name is Roscoe. Which doesn't sound life a snake name to me. But, whatever.......

I'm glad you finally made it home in one piece. I hope your pop tarts, Girl Scout cookies, garlic powder, etc. made it home as well. The first time we went to DisneyWorld, I packed food and apparently it alerted the drug dogs. I found a note in my suitcase telling me that they had searched my luggage. There were Cheese Nips everywhere.

I'll try to send an e-mail this weekend. I don't feel very focused right now. I don't think I could write everything I want to tell you about. I think I have adult onset ADD.