Saturday, January 3, 2009


I am now back up to 60 kg! Good Lord! Said I would not ever pass 58 again but lo and behold... wth happened???
So, I'm going to try sparkpeople and if any of you would like to join me, I'm rebecca74 on there. I'd love the company, the support, and to give support to you too!
60 is a nice round number to start off from thought, isn't it?


Kendra said...

60 kg sounds great to me. Although I'm not quiet sure what that equals in pounds. I will have to look it up.

It seems that we have all been stuggling with our weight for different reasons. I joined SparkPeople, but I haven't been back. I got kinda confused and haven't had the energy to go back there.

Perhaps we should just use our blogs as a weight loss tool. Journaling foods, exercise, moods and our own helpful tips. What do you think?

Kendra said...
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Kendra said... I did the conversion. I still think 60kg sounds great to me, but I am much heavier than you. I think it has more to do with what you are comfortable with and what is good for your frame. You obviously excercise (yoga, etc). Perhaps you should have the same New Year Resolution that I do...just try to eat healthier and exercise more frequently.

Nicci said...

I was going to say something about how I WISH I was 132 pounds, but then I remembered how I hate it when people who are heavier than me say that kind of thing to me. If you're not comfortable with your weight, you aren't comfortable.

I may or may not have signed up for Spark People at one time. I don't think I'll check, though, because I'm doing WW online, and I'm not sure I can keep up with two sites.

Anyway, good luck to both of you!

Rebecca said...

kendra,(and nicci if you decide to join sp) come join our team on sparkpeople - we'll help you get comfy with the site - it is a great way to journal foods and exercise and has a lot of motivational tips and stuff. My team is called monthly adventures and I'm rebecca74 on there. if you don't feel like it's for you though that's ok - just like you said, we can encourage each other on the blogs!

Rebecca said...

and yes nicci, i hate it when people say that! i was 100 pounds when i met christophe and on top of the weight prob i also have a terrible prob with stretch marks along my whole midsection (thighs to breasts) since my first pregnancy and I have a lot of trouble accepting my body now, as does dh (you can use the standard dickhead interpretation here hehehe). so whereas 132 pounds might sound good to some people, it doesn't to me! and you also have to remember wher i live! these stupid french women are so freaking thin! Can you believe i have to wait til i go to usa to get a stupid bra! (unless i pay 120 dollars for it and that's just stupid! though i have done that out of dire need before)

YogaNerd said...

Thanks for mentioning sparkpeople. I hadn't heard of it before. I'm pretty excited about it b/c I need to seriously get myself in control again. So, I have joined. We can support each other through this journey.