Friday, December 12, 2008

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!

I managed to finish my nephew's and nieces hats and get them in the mail! Yeah me!!!!! Let me tell you - I have A LOT of nephews and nieces. I still have one more niece here in France and two surrogate nephews left to make hats for but I wasn't in such a hurry for those as even if it's a day or too late it's ok. They'll just be that much more excited that Christmas is still going on! Thing is I sent all this group of hats to Dianne and if she doesn't get them before they all see each other for Christmas, then I have no idea when BJ's kids will get theirs, so.... that's why the rush. And I beat the deadline! YEAH!!!!!!!!
We've had a pretty quiet week as Rémi is in Berlat on a school trip - I'll hand my blog over to him this weekend so he can tell you about it.
DH is being wonderful ! (Hope that doesn't mean he's up to something?) Came home Wednesday night after a very long 2 days of work (three deaths, several emergencies, and lots of movement as far as admissions and releases to normal hospital ward) to find my absolute favorite meal! He had made me foie gras poêlé avec pommes sautées on a bed of romaine lettuce! How lucky am I!? It was so good. And he's currently making that for me again (we had some left over) for lunch today! YUM! But then I'll be all fat!
Today, I did my whole belly dance dvd (class then routine all put together) - it's so much fun and gets you moving. And I cleaned the bathrooms top to bottom. And I went to post office. And went and got Alex and her friend Laura to come home for lunch - all that and blogging and it's only 12:30! Go me!
Hope you all had a great week and are getting in the Christmas spirit (should be getting there since it snowed in nashville!)
Hugs from France!


Anonymous said...

Go Chistophe. Go becca! I am so glad you sound much lighter tahn you have been. Souns like you may be coming out of the fog. Christmas is great for that. Love ya, Di

Nicci said...

Belly dancing DVD's are fun, but I always have to make sure there's NO chance Matt will be home to walk in on me. I look ridiculous and have no coordination or fluidity whatsoever. Still. It's fun.

Glad things are going well!

Nicci said...

Hey, I posted a picture of Jesse in his new sweater on my blog so you can see it, since you can't see it in person. I love it! It fits great, and it's just super precious! Thank you!

Rebecca said...

yeah! i would love to see that pic but i can't get in to your blog for some reason. it will only let me go to the profile page.

Nicci said...

That's weird. Here's the direct link:

I wonder if it's because it is a private page. Let me see if that's it, and if it is, I'll send you an invitation.

My word verification to post this comment is "resse." That's funny--flip that r around and it's my baby's name!

Nicci said...

Nope. That's not the problem. You're on the list of people allowed to see it. Hm.

Let me know if you can't get in from the direct link.

KnitYoga said...

Good on you getting all that Xmas knitting done and you sound so busy! Have a lovely Xmas and a wonderful new year to come! :-)

Wendy said...

Becca, I'm so happy that you're sounding so much more UP than in the past. It's wonderful to hear that things seem to be going more in your favor for a change. Much love, and keep on truckin'! ;)