Tuesday, November 18, 2008


OK , more gooshy sentimental sister worshipping coming - beware!

I love my sis! And I'm very highly influenced by her - probably annoys the piss out of her cause I'm pretty much a copy cat but ... Dianne has started going swimming. She's decided she's ready to get in shape.
I've started binging again and have put back on quite a few pounds, am feeling like crap about myself, and know that this is NOT the way to go for me and DH.
So, after seeing her blog about swimming, I thought back to how much I love swimming at the outdoor pool in P├ęzenas. It's awesome - the water's warm but the air cold, the pool water is lit but the sky pitch black. It makes for a wonderfully relaxing, peaceful, marvelous swim! Every time your arm slices the air, you feel the sharp sting of the wind and all of a sudden your arm is immersed in warmth again. And every time you turn your head to breath, you see the steam rising up into the black night! I LOVE it!
But for the past few years I would pay the yearly subscription (that's the only option) and go maybe 5 times and then not feel like going anymore... Why? Why not go when it's so enjoyable? Cause it's a pain in the rear to dry off while you're freezing your rear off? Maybe. Cause I'm afraid i'll get yucky wart virus? Maybe. Cause i'm lazy? Probably. CauseI beat myself up if i don't go every single day off? YES! Which is I think why I've started bingeing again....
Anyhow, Dianne got me thinking... and I went on my two days off last week. I didn't push myself too hard (I only did 500 meters in about 30 minutes whereas before I felt like I HAD to do at least 1 km...) And since 30 minutes was long enough for me, I got out! Instead of feeling obligated to stay the whole 1.5 hours.
Today I went walking with a friend so I won't go to the pool and that's ok! That doesn't mean i just might as well throw in the towel! ACCEPTANCE is the key word here, right? You are where you are!
So, thank you Dianne!
Another thing I copied her on is making 2 hats for a little boy's school (he has chemo for brain cancer and will be losing his hair - some of the kids in his class are shaving their heads in solidarity so they need hats).
Finally, Dianne, I AM NOT copying you on this one - I've started stashing roving lately cause i want to get a spinning wheel and DH might get me one for Christmas. That will be a riot cause he never gets me anything for Christmas or my birthday... So, if you see me spinning soon, don't be mad at me copycatting again - for once I'm not hehehehe!


caracolina said...

That pool sounds great! DH and I took my mom who was visiting from Germany to Death Valley in Winter and we stayed at a motel that has a pool which is fed by a hot spring. It is actually big enough to swim mini-laps. We went for a swim at night when the temp was in the 40s! It was so neat, stars above, us in the warm water below ...until it was time to get out. But hey, great job on the swimming/exercising plans. I'm trying to get back on the wagon myself. Don't worry about imitating your sis, I'm sure she's above that and isn't imitation the best form of flattery anyway? I'm excited you are thinking of taking up spinning, you know I spin too, don't you? Just say you are copying me instead of Dianne... And if you're not getting a wheel for the holidays, get a drop spindle instead, they are fun, too, and so much more portable (I have both)! Sorry for the lengthy comment... I hope to catch up on my blog after Thanksgiving. Hugs from Arizona,

Rebecca said...

hey! long time no"see". glad to hear from you. how is the weaving going? i've thought about a drop spindle for price reasons but heard they're very difficult to use (need coordination +++!) take care!

Kendra said...

Well....I'm glad to see that you've made it back to blogging. We all have certainly missed you.

I am very jealous of the knitting that you all are doing. I think it is time I took up a hobby again.