Sunday, June 1, 2008

U S A -YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll be getting in at about 10ish Tuesday night and will spend the first couple of nights and dad's.
From there, I'll be at mom's. Saturday 7 is taken for a family get together at moms and as I already mentioned, Sunday 8 for decoration day.
I haven't been officially invited or anything but I plan on tagging along behind Di for a craft fair saturday 14, and world wide knitting in public day sunday june 15 (church in the morning).
In other words, my two weekends are spoken for.
Next, Kendra - got an idea! Let's go sing our hearts out and dance our butts off at that club where they have different dance floors and a karaoke bar (you know which one I'm talking about?) You up for that? And Rachel? Whenever's convenient other than days mentioned before.
Of course, I HAVE to go to El Cheapo's (uh, Chico's) with Allison if she's up for it! These are the only definite plans so far. Speak now or forever hold your peace!
I'm getting so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. I'm holding every single Nashvillian personally responsible for any weight gain!


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Kendra said...

I am SO excited too! Did you get the pictures I e-mailed you???

Okay...I don't have to work on Thursdays, so Wednesday night is good night to go. And on Thursday nights we have a sitter thru the summer (thanks Monna!). I MIGHT could take a Friday off. Rachel would probably want to do a Friday or Saturday because of her work. I'll see what I can do though! That is for the dancing, etc. Once we know the night we can decide on the place. It's been SO long that I don't know if Graham Central Station is THE place to go.

I am always up for Mexican food! And I can probably do that any night or Thursday for lunch (of course I'll have the kids for that). Make sure Allison is okay with us going too!

WAIT....I have a karaoke machine! We could get together at someone's house and do that. We would need to get good CDs ( I have CARS and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL). I does take a few drinks for me to do that (just like dancing) because I am aware that I am tone deaf. You and Allison remember me "trying" to sing the Eagles at Opryland! lol Jim is always the D.D. so we could do something like that. Either at my house or Rachel's. Let me know.

Check my blog for the pictures from Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

your'e almost here, almost here, can't wait. have great flight. kisses to remi and alex. see ya soon. love mom

caracolina said...

I hope you all will have a great trip!!!

Hope said...

I hope you are having a great trip. JUst was checkin in!