Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just in case

Dianne brought up a good point - people may no longer recognize me! Since I'll be home in a couple of weeks, thought I'd save you the trouble. Here's me after yesterday in Montpellier:
It took from 10 to 4 to get my stupid hair done! First, cut out old color as much as possible, then "d├ęcoloration" which lasts 45 minutes, then extra stuff on tips since they were darker than roots, then the color which was supposed to be strawberry blond but turned out pink. I actually kind of liked it but the hairdresser was like "uhuh! I am not letting you leave my salon like that!" So he uncolored it. Then he had to finish tidying up the cut. I had had ENOUGH by the time he was done and didn't give a crap what my hair looked like as long as he would let me leave! It could have been green and I would have smiled and said "great! see ya!"
DH (you may now read that darling husband - things are going MUCH better now - THANK GOD!!!!) doesn't like it - says i look like an albino... Kids are now calling me cameleon. They didn't recognize me when I came to pick them up at school (second time that's happened this year!)
But, you know what, I don't care cause I like it! So there!

While I'm posting, here are my latest finished objects. A yoga butt saver mat and a shrug:


Anonymous said...

hey becca, i like it. course i like short hair. u better be careful tho, people will think u look like me. love the hair cut and color is cute. can't wait to see it LIVE!!!! love mama

Kendra said...

I love the color and cut too! And I'm not just saying that to be nice. We all know I don't say ANYTHING just to be NICE. I wish I could wear my hair as short as the Ladd girls do! I'm working on it though! Did Dianne and Allison tell you my hair is MUCH shorter? Oh - you mom saw it too!

Hope said...

LOVE the cut and color, you got the head for it...I got this big ole round head that would look like a bowling ball haha.

Hope you are doing good...

Nicci said...

It doesn't matter if DH and the kids like it as long as you do!

I love the shrug you made. It's adorable.