Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy @#! thanksgiving >:<

Just kidding! I really do wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving even though 1. I worked all freakin day! 2. We had NO turkey OR dressing! 3. My kids don't know what I'm even talking about 4. Noone here knows what I'm talking about. 5. Noone cares what I'm talking about It's worse than halloween.
But Saturday, we will celebrate a semi-thanksgiving. Just not the same with it not being on a Thursday and all and being surrounded by english people (why would english people want to celebrate thanksgiving?) My friends Alison and Ken have a "table d'hôtes" where they do special theme nights (mexican, southern, indian...) and Saturday is thanksgiving. At least they will be there and so will Michele and so will the turkey and dressing...
Anyhow, I really miss you all and wish we could be there gobble gobbleing around and gobble gobbling everything down (at least our heavenly Father will not have to come down the wall and save the feast from my greedy little self - though He might have to spring into action Saturday and rescue the English again).
Anyhow, I am, unlike my sis whose post for the day was beautiful, boycotting the traditional thankfulness of thanksgiving until saturday! For thanksgiving is now officially on Saturday for the Mayné family! So there!
No, I really am just kidding and being a bad sport because I didn't get any dressing or chocolate delight or potato salad or broccoli rice casserole or...
I am thankful every day for so many things!!!
More on Thanksgiving day which, as everyone knows is on Saturday! Duh!

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