Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Little by very very little

Untitled by rebeccawip
Untitled, a photo by rebeccawip on Flickr.

Still working away on that damned macaron pattern :/
I'm getting a little tiny bit done every day but i am holding to my 30 minutes a day challenge.  thing is, my thirty minutes doesnt seem to alot for much progress lol.
So last i posted, on sunday, i had gotten those pockets and the accompanying pleat done up.  
Yesterday, May 6, even though i worked, it was a short office day (8 hours) instead of my long ER day (12 hours).  So when i got in, i felt up to getting the other pleats done.
And then i tried it on trying to hold it "closed" on the sides.
and, sell, speaking of little... tha's exactly what my skirt is...too little!
how did this happen???
my muslin had much more than necessary for the side seam overlap.
this, even holding one seam togethr at approximately one micron of a millimeter, i cant get the other side closed :/ waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        

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