Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sewing challenges

My sewing just has not taken off.  i have a great desire and dream to sew all of my clothes, largely inspired by roisin and beccie but i just cant manage to do anything.
i feel so frustrated all the time with my sewing and i dont know why.
i really wish i had some one here to help me.
the wonderfully knowledgeable and sweet tini (who co-hosts a lovely podcast with maria) is trying to help me on-line and jennifer helped me a lot with my coat online but i feel i really need some major in person hand holding.
that said i really do thank you tini and jennifer for your help!

i just cant figure out why i cant do anything with my sewing and yet have managed to do well as a self-taught knitter.  ive even made sweaters that fit fairly well.

i've tried to think on my past sewing projects to put things into perspective
1. wrap around skirt from dianna rup's sew everything workshop book
finished in april 2011.  tried to find pics and impossible :/
anyhow, it's cutish, wearable.  i'll call it a SUCCESS 
2. secretary skirt from same book
idem . SUCCESS
3. sewing organizer for a gift
dont have pic.  it was cute but not the best workmanshipa nd i found it tedious, fiddly, and time-consuming. honestly, it's much quicker than knitting right? so why do i feel it's not?  i guess this could be considered a SUCCESS
4. apron for gift
june 2012 015
this was supposed to be super easy.  it wasnt.  i'm happy with the result but it took me ages!  for a stupid apron?  really? so more or less SUCCESS
5. gretel from citronille
apr 23 2012 014
apr 23 2012 016

ABSOLUTELY HORRID!  ill fitting pyjamas anyone?  FAIL

6. butterick designs by gertie coat
muslin back
back view
those pics are pre-help by jennifer.  the shell looks much better after the mega alterations jennifer walked me through but i totally ran out of steam and courage and confidence when the kal finished and i was blown out of the water.  especially since my dh and a couple of friends said it wasnt the best style for me.  so this is more or less a FAIL

So, 4 successes and 2 fails.  not bad right?  so why the frustration, why the lack of confidence?  why does sewing seem so inattainable and fiddly?

well, i have decided that i will not give up!  especially considering i might have just bought a few craftsy workshops and a few patterns 8^O
Zoe from the so, zo blog is hosting the third annual me made may challenge and i'm going for it.
here's my challenge
'I, rebeccawip, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavour to wear a hand made item (knit or sewn) 3 days a week for the duration of May 2013 and to sew, pattern prep, or document myself in sewing alterations 30 minutes a day every day i'm off work for the duration of May 2013

I hope i can hold to it and progress
thank you zoe for doing this and roisin for mentioning it on your blog.  i see you were the very first signed up lol!

For now, i'm off to walk the dogs and then i will be back to cut out the size 6 macaron as suggested by tini.  thank you again for your help!


Roisin Muldoon said...

Good luck with your challenge and your Macaron. It's a pretty pattern and it will look adorable on you!

Rebecca said...

squeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! fan girl alert :D ROISIN is reading my blog :"D

Tini said...

Your successes were all bottoms or not garments ;) I guess it's because you need less alteration there. I think, your fails are because you chose a wrong size for your tops! I hope, that Macaron will be a success as well!

Rebecca said...

oh! doh! thank you for that elucidation. it really helps when someone who knows what they're talking about and who also is looking at things from a neutral perspective can point things like that out!
i've cut out the size 6 pattern and am tracing / marking - will have to finish that tomorrow. thank you for all your help!!!