Wednesday, January 2, 2013

HAPPY 2013


Isabelle, I hope and pray your health is restored in 2013.
Marie-Pascale, I hope 2013 is full of the love and hapiness and caring that you bring to others.
Dianne, I hope 2013 is even fuller of love than last year and that monsters can be fought back with nose sprays.
Mom, i am so glad you starte of the year with a pedicure and spending some money and time on yourself - i hope you continue taking care of YOU that way and that 2013 brings REST for you.
Caroline, i hope and pray 2013 brings direction and discernement to you and Phil.
My other friend Caroline, i hope 2013 is full of the crafting you love and wonderful shared moments with your loving hubby.
Chelle, I pray you and your daughter continue to grow in love and understanding as you transition into a new adult-child /mother relationship and that you are blessed in all that you do this year.
Tini, continued blessings on you and your little sweeties and husband.
Lynn, what a busy year and time of adjustment you've had in 2012 - i hope 2013 helps you find stability, peace, a sense of reward.
Kendra, dont think you read this anymore, but i hope that 2013 continues blossoming and bursting forth with the love and good fruits of the last part of 2012.

And to you ALL, I hope 2013 brings you serenity, love, well-being.

Instead of NY resolutions that i never manage to keep, I'm goign to try to focus on a couple of priorities throughout the year :

Simply blessed.
Healthy mind healthy body.
Choose to choose right thoughts.

I will be expounding on these over the next few days.

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Tini said...

I wish you a very happy 2013 with tons of laughter and love (for yourself esp.!)
Thank you for your blessing.