Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Expounding upon and deploring my inability to live by my themes

So, remember Rebecca, these are themes, not resolutions.
Phew! Thank goodness, so that means i havent once again failed my new year's resolutions within 5 days of setting them?
Why no, of course not!  You have all year to practice these healthy attitudes.  You are only learning from your mis-steps.
Thank you, dear smealog.

So my themes, once again, are :

Simply blessed.

Healthy mind healthy body.

Choose to choose right thoughts.

First of all "simply blessed"
This theme is englobing so many aspects of my life that i hope to bring into a healthy alignement.  Simplifying my environnement means tossing unused unloved clutter.  i started this last year with flylady and already have done much in that direction.  it also means bringing in less junk which will become that distracting annoying guilt-inducing clutter.
Of course my stash, my closet, my kitchen will fall under this simplification process. 
The other part of this is "blessed".  i am blessed.  i am not in need or want.  i have a healthy family and cozy home.  i want to get to the point where i can truly appreciate my blessings.  i'm hoping the uncluttering will lead to a less materialistic point of view.  i dont think i am particularly materialistic per se, but more of a hoarder - hoarding to protect myself, make myself feel surrounded by the love im looking for in the purchases of junk.
Also under this canopy of simplicity and blessing, i'm including some health objectives;  i hope to start the eat to live program when i get back from usa end of january.  it's all about eating foods in their simplest form to reap a maximum of nutrients in a minimum of calories from nature's natural healthy bounty.  Lots and lots of vegetables, unrefined grains and nuts, fruits.
In other words im looking to live in simplicity, bathe in it, revel in it.  And enjoy the blessings of it.  Accepting the blessings.  Recognizing the blessings.  And counting them daily, praising God for them.  growing in them.

And ive been a fury these past few days.  total fury.  totally un-simple and un-blessed and not being a blessing but instead a curse to those around me.  great.  i feel so uptight, unsettled, unbalanced, disappointed and discouraed.  this is not my goal, this is not my desire or hope.  and i cant shake out of it.  grrrr.  go 2013 :/

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