Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday

too many things on my plate lol!

1. khione sweater. ok, i have gottenthe body on track, now it's just plain stockinette in the round + waist shaping.  but i cant find one second to knit on it since i got it past the fiddly parts.
This will be one of my take on the plane projects.

2. color affection shawl...poor thing. havent touched it in forever.  dont see myself getting to it anytime soon.
I had hoped to have finished khione and yuse this as my plane project but...didnt happen ;P

3. my coat...dont know what to do about this guy.  i fixed it with much help from jennifer pintucks (thank you!!!!!!!!) and i think it looks better but dh said "you look horrible in that" thanks.... he thinks i look horribleall the time though so i went for a second opinion.  My lovely friend Marie-Pascale who i think the world of and is one of those people who will dare to be honest with you and on top of that whose opinion you trust, was my second opinion person.  and, well, she thought it wasnt the greatest shape for me. So i decided to let the girls at work try it on to see if it would look good on anyone but they all thought it looked good on me.  they think i just need to fix the skirt part that is a little too full and has some gathers right over the hips that arent supposed to be there, which was one of the things marie-pascale had mentioned.  so...what to do???!!!  I'm going to take it with me to USA and see if Di can help me with it.

4. my HS reunion dress.  hahaha...  what was i thinking?  i havent even made the test garment yet.  but i do have it almost all cut out...  better get crackin'!!!!!!!!

5. that should be enough, right? but my bff asked me for some cream fingerless mitts.  of course i couldnt refuse my bff anything!  so...i found some stash yarn (plymouth happy feet DK in natural undyed, and a super cute pattern and i will start those and take those on the plane with me as well.
oh no, wait!  it just hit me! i could use my awesome supersparkly beautiful creamy champagny handspun for that instead!!!! oooohhhhh - will need to swatch but i think i like this idea better :D

now really, THAT is ENOUGH! lol
wish me luck on the dress ;P

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