Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

OK so it's not tuesday but just pretend...
The Woolen Rabbit is a very talented dyer (i have yet to purchase any of her gorgeous yarns but as soon as i get mystash down to manageable condition, I WILL!).  She's also a very sweet person and i lvoe reading her blog. She does 10 on tuesday and i like the idea so i'm highjacking it :)
hope she wont mind.
So for this weeks ten on tuesday, it's ten things you did over the weekend.
1.  Spent 13 hours over the weekend cutting out my fashion fabric coat pieces.
2.  Got the matterhorn mitts back in the swing of things.
3.  Helped Lara move into her new home.
4.  Treated kids to mcdonalds mcflurry as they were a huge help for Lara.
5.  Sat in the car drooling over their mcflurries and DH's sundae as i'm highprotein dieting...again...
6.  Continued my stupid hig protein diet even though i dont seem to be losing.
7.  Helped Alex and RĂ©mi with their spanish...uh, i dont speak spanish btw :/
8.  a ton o' laundry : i even ironed! hear that, world?  i ironed!
9.  went for a walk with Alex - oh how i love the fall!!!
10. played with my doggies and spoiled them a little (lots of yummy bones these days with said high protein diet lol)

So, what did YOU do this past weekend? anything special coming up this weekend?
hope it's a great one :D


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Ten on Tuesday is a fanTiddytastic idea. I've done at least 10 things. Do you want to hear them? OK. Here we go.
1. Climbed a tree.
2. Gave Charlie a hug.
3. Wrote LOADS of Tweets!
4. Ate chocolate.
5. Held the yarn while Charlie knitted a pumpkin hat (and got a bit knotted up)
6. Eventually managed to untie myself from said 'knot'. It was HUGE and , I think, quite a dangerous beast. It had me by the throat!
7. Ate chocolate (Did I mention that already?)
8 Helped Mrs C count all her parcels for the GCD swap on Ravelry. Counting to 24 takes a very long time when you are a teddy bear!
9.Went to a car boot sale, but, yet again managed to talk anyone into selling me their car boot. Silly people.
10. Ate chocolate.
Phew. It's been a busy week!
Tiddy x

Rebecca said...

lol! sounds like a fun weekend!!! and yes, very busy what with having to eat all that chocolate ;D