Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two at a time to the top

So if you've been keeping up, you might remember that i was in a knitting rut.
As my wise friend Caroline Tiddy advised "I have realised that knitting is supposed to be a hobby I do for pleasure. If it gives me none, I stop. It always comes back in the end :o)"
So while i have been knitting a little, i havent been doing it every spare second as i usually do.  I also am not setting any deadlines.
I listened to my fave podcasts and that got me all excited again, got me thinking about my Q...
I cleaned my rav q again - really streamlining it, chucking everything that i couldnt envision myself making within the next year or so or loved but couldnt actually see myself wearing, etc...
i relegated lots to faves so they wouldnt totally fall off my radar ... ; )

So what am i working on?
I got started on the sleeves of my Khione that i mentioned swatching for (thank goodness!) last time.
I knit the cuff that has a special smock stitching on it.  You have to do a provisional cast on for the bottom of the cuff, which will later be finished with an applied i-cord, and bind off the stitches et the top of the cuff only to pick them back up through the back loop with a smaller needle.  I went ahead and did the icord finishing and wove in all the ends so it would be nice and tidy and then i did the second cuff in the same manner and got the stitches picked up on one long circ so i'm magic looping them two at a time.
I've done socks 2 at a time before and didnt like it at all. i felt like it was extremely slow and time consuming to mess with the cable all the time and slide stitches up and down the needles incessantly.  But i thought id give it a go again.  not the best idea since my mojo isnt at its highest.  but for now i will persevere..; at least when i get to the shoulder cap, i will have totally finished both sleeves and then the body seems more fun to me ; )

I also like Tini's suggestions to knit a big bulky hat - instant gratification.
I am definitely keeping this in mind for when i get sick of those sleeves (which should be in about 2 days lol).

Btw Tini, great job on your weight loss :D
I would ideally like to lose 10 but more realistically, i'd be pretty darn happy with losing 6.

On the job front, I've applied for 3 pediatric nurse's aid positions in a day care and for 2 more directrice or directrice adjoint positions in 2 other daycare centers.
Wish me luck! i need it ; ) !
Hugs to you all :D

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