Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's been a while

I've been bogged under and havent been up to blogging, to talking, to, well...anything other thantrying to function day to day !
That said, i havefound the focus and energy to keep on keeping on with weight watchers. This time around, ive made it through 9 weeks in spite high anxiety moments (having a very rough time at work), anger issues (kids are really tring my patience), restaurants - these are all traditional plan-killers for me. but i've sailed passed them pretty well.
i have been gifting myself still for on point weeks, but that's really taking a toll on my bank account which is giving me more anxiety so it's a hard shot to call.
so far i have lost about 9 pounds :D
they just changed the points allowance which almost sabotaged everything for me mid-week last week :/ !
but this week i'm back on track. what happened is that i'm at the lowest number of alloted points (this is calculated depending on sex, height and weight and activity level). that sum was 29 points per day. Withthe new program that went down to 26 for me! 3 points lower per day!!!!! yikes. this is good though because they say you should lose between .5 and 2 pounds per week and that if you lose less, you need to make changes. my average weight loss per week is .3 so lowering points is probably a good thing for me; that said, lowering 3 per day is going to kill me andi'll end up throwing in the towel; so i manually changed my point allotment to be 28 for this week and maybe next and then will move to 27 if i hold out at 28 decently.
i have also started back on the couch to 5 k program; i started all over again. i'm hoping that 1. good shoes 2. special orthopedic soles and 3.9 less pounds on my frame will mean that my stupid plantar fascitis won't act up again! fingers crossed! i've completed week one and day one of week 2 :D!
i would like to reward myself hahahaha but as imentioned..;this "reward" thing isnt healthy for my account ;)
so besides crapola work, positive life-style changes, parenting difficulties...what else is going on?
I'm really really really missing my family and friends :/
Love you guys!


Tini said...

Rebecca, I had 19 points.... yes, 19! After having had cancer my doc thought it would be best to keep my weight on the lower end of the BMI but I also was given meds to start menopause, so I would gain weight when I ate more than 1200 kcal per day, thus resulting in 19 points. I did ate a lot of pasta with veggie sauce or potatoes with veggies (good thing is, that I don't eat meat, a lot less fat :) ) As for family and work: I send you 1000 good vibes!

Rebecca said...

thanks for the vibes :D
as for 19 starve to death lol!

Tini said...

It was the old system though maybe it would correspond with more points today and actually I never felt hungry since I did eat a lot of raw veggies and fruits and I drank liters after liters of lemon gras tea :)

Isabelle said...

Congratulations on keeping up with WW! LOL about the bank account suffering as a consequence.
As Tini, sending lots of thoughts and good vibes for the rough times at work and at home. ((((hugs))))