Sunday, June 19, 2011

c 2 5 k

I havent quit. Just havent been posting. Not quite as motivated with stupid weight watchers :P
havent been doing well so weight went up and now it's kind of leveled off. i havent gained it all back but about half of what i lost which is so discouraging !!!!
i really wish i could get back on track but i do for one or two days then blow it again :'(

That said, ive been pushing hrough with my jogging in training. Today's session had me jog a whole 20 minutes non-stop. 8^O
I made it! though idont know how!
i sooooo didnt want to go because my stupid bras (yes bras, i wear 2 - one comfy undrewired normal one and on top of that a sports bra) were absolutely constricting me like a BOA!!!! i swear i couldnt breath!!!! i couldnt ewpand my lungs fully. used to happen to me all the time when i "ran" before but hasnt done that to me yet since i started up this time. but today! ugh!!! why on earth does it do that? i cant think it's weight or water-weight. why would it localise around my ribs? whateveh...
that had me really really not wantin gto go but i loaded up some of my cd's on to itunes then onto my ipod, got remi to come with me and then headed out! and i did it!!!!!!!
yeah me!:!!!!!

the other day alex came with em and she jogged almost the whole time i did (she is in track and field so she's used to it but still she's only 10.5! ) i was so proud of her.
more later


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Well done with the jogging. 20 mins is quite impressive!
c x

Rebecca said...

lol i know! who'd have thought! that c2 5 k program is really awesome and the iphone app for it is a great help and motivator.