Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Episode 2 show notes - long in coming!!!

So it's almost time for episode 3 and i'm only now getting around to posting episode 2 show notes :"/
And on top of that i'm going to cheat. A lot of the things i talked about this go round were also mentioned in episode 1. So rather than relinking... you get the idea ;"D

I also mentioned the book SEW: sew everything workshop by Diana Rupp.
And 1to1's bears for the mother bear project. you can read some info about her bears and the project on her blog.
Next time i will try to do better getting the notes up in a timely manner :D


Isabelle said...

Yay! Almost time for show 3 - I can't wait :)
I had a great time last Saturday - even though the fabrics were disappointing LOL but they definitely wasn't the most important part of the day. ;)

Rebecca said...

i had a marvelous time too!
hoping to do it again soon.
are your friends in? enjoying yourselves?
see you soon

Helga said...

So nice to have annother podcast to listen to!
I am not so far away from you: only across the Alps, in Switzerland.

Rebecca said...

thanks for getting in touch Helga and thanks for listening
we're not very far from each other are we,
are you going to lot et laine?