Monday, December 6, 2010


I dream about knitting. I dream about yarn. I think about what project I will start next while walking or showering... I swoon when i touch plump lucious wools. I drool over online yarn stores web pages.
I'm pitiful!
I'm a dweeb!
But I can admit it ;)

So, i just ordered from - obviously some very like-minded people hehehe.
I am just giddy with excitement - will you bare with me?

I purchased enough yarn to make
are you ready? the yarn is called rapture by squoosh fiberarts. it is 75% superwash merino, 15% silk, 10% cashmere. it is sproingy and soft and yet somehow crisp feeling (guess it's the silk). i chose ink - a very very dark blue (indigo, almost black) and sweet potato (a gorgeous rust). :D
Can't wait to start it but lots of other things on th ego right now so not til probably february :( which means i wont get to wear it til next fall lol!!!!

I also got some handmaiden casbah - the knitmore girls say it's vundahvar so i have been wanting to try for a while. it's to make a pair of socks thought it's a little thicker than most sock wools. this one is called stardust and it is different shades of blues and a little lavandar. it is also a cahsmere merino blend though it has nylon instead of silk . it is much plumper than the rapture - not as tightly twisted.

And you know what??? I got this all at 20% off on their black friday sale :D !!!!!!
and i joined their yarn club so they sent me goodies :D : a chocolate snowman, a GREAT yarn sampler!!!! a tiny snippet of most of the yarns they carry tied on a nice thick labeled piece of paper. now i no longer have to wonder how such and such yarn feels :D
love it! and a card where i can check off the needles i have and always carry with me - that's great!!!!
Can you tell how excited i am? lol!

On the needles is a super cute hat for alex - i'm doing double knitting for the first time ever - that was quite something to figure out on my own with no visuals! lol! i had heard a podcaster describe the technique and kind of got the gist and then the pattern kind of explained it - took me three tries but then i got the hang of it.
This technique lets you do colorwork without having all the threads hanging out in the back because you're actually knitting two layers at once, back to back. so the floating strands are caught in between. it also lets your colorwork be reversible. for example, i am making alex a pink hat with a white skull and crossbones on it - the other side is white with a pink skull and crossbones. and since it's double thickness, it's doubly warm! It will be perfect for the mountains :D
As soon as her hat's done, i have to make one for Christophe (pretty much the same one i made for Sam and posted the pic of in last post) and one for RĂ©mi - all black with a gray metallica written on it and the other side black flames on a gray background. i found the perfect gray yarn - it's all silk so it has a great sheen and the color is just right - it looks almost like silver :D

I'm also wanting to finish those dog-garn gloves!
and then there's my go big orange sweater.

not enough time in the day!

hugs to everyone!!!!


caracolina said...

You sound lovely, so up and excited. Love the pattern you picked and the yarn just sounds fabulous. I've been dreaming about buying some "shelter", Jared Flood's new yarn. The colors are amazing I think.

Rebecca said...

i've been curious about shelter too
might get to touch some while at home in nashville.
how have you been doing?

ChelleC said...

That sounds wonderful. Congrats on your ability to dream about sweatrs, and squoshy yarn. Don't we all? Instead of sugarplums, we have dancing projects in our head. Sounds perfectly normal to me. : D

You sound so happy. Keep enjoying this wonderful Christmas season.

Kendra said...

off topic, but.....

December 23 the is an HFA get together. Let me know if you want to go with me that night. I think it would be fun.

Rebecca said...

oh good lord! i'm at the heaviest i've ever been and after a week in usa... great!
i would love to go but i'm super embarrassed to.
i want to cry even.
anyhow, i've been missing you and wondering how it's going for you, how you're feeling and all that...
cant wait to see you
love you

Kendra said...

I felt the same way the last time I went. But, I went anyway. And I really enjoyed myself. Just let me know.